Could you teach me how you determine/create your cleaning plan for the week/month?

Sweet Blessings,


Dear Karen,

I use Zones to focus on one area in my home each week. I give that area my focus and maintain the other areas of my home.


Zone One: The first seven (1-7) days of the month is the Living Room and Family Room

Zone Two: The second seven days (8-14) of the month is the Kitchen

Zone Three: The third seven days (15-21) is Master Bedroom, Bath and Closet.

Zone Four: The fourth seven days (22-28) is the Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room.

Zone Five: The last days of each month (29-30 or 31) is the Family Bath and other areas not on the regular rotation.

When you start this process you will need to get rid of clutter. Clutter is the stuffthat inhabits surfaces and keeps us from peace and FUNction.
As you finish decluttering in your Zone use decluttering time for those other rooms like the laundry room or area, guest room, children’s room(s) to clean, declutter and organize.

I try to allow 15 to 30 minutes a day for decluttering. This give me 1 ¼ hours to 2 ½ hours a week 4 days a week for decluttering, then cleaning. Decluttter. Clean. Make lovely.

I place a few jobs from my cleaning checklist in each day during the week with consideration to the demands of each day.

I do daily tasks each day. These tasks are a part of my daily routine seven days a week exception: I do not do laundry, regular errands or shopping on Sunday.

Daily Tasks:

* Make Bed

* Breakfast

* Exercise– 3 days weight bearing – M-W-F 3 days aerobic (walking)T-Th-Sat

* Wipe Out Bathroom Sink

* Laundry

* Sweep Entry and Kitchen

* Dishwasher Unload/ Load and Run

* Clear/ Wipe Kitchen Counters

* Clean Kitchen Sink

* Empty Trash

* Lay Out Tomorrow’s Clothes

* Before Bedtime Walk Through

My Week

Sunday is a day for worship, family, friends, rest, and planning.

Monday is a day for putting the house in good general order after the weekend. I clean all toilets, check my bathrooms for supplies and add those supplies to my list for shopping or errands.

Tuesday is our shopping day. I check my cabinets and refrigerator before I go, and dispose of anything beyond hope.

Wednesday is a desk day. I catch up with anything that needs to be done, bills paid, notes written. This is a time to make a decision and take action on currently in my files– to do, to pay, to file, to read.

Thursday I am involved with Bible Study at church so I run other errands that afternoon and my home is in order before I head out the door. This is the day I mop my floors.

Friday is a wrap up the week day. I clean out my car and my purse, and vacuum the traffic areas in my home.

Saturday is a fun day. I take care of anything that needs to be done so Sunday can truly be a day of rest. If I have been faithful to do a little each day in my zone there is not usually too much to do.

* I download my bank transactions to Quicken each morning and keep close track of our accounts on a daily basis. This only takes a few minutes. I use my bank’s free bill pay system to pay our bills. That saves stamps and time, too.

* I run at least a load of laundry each day Monday through Saturday and I make a point of finishing whatever laundry there is on Saturday so nothing is sitting until Monday. Each load is washed, dried, folded and put away.

* Recognize that there is decluttering and organizing, neatening, and cleaning. Each of these functions makes the others easier.

* Take quiet time first because if you don’t you may never have it at all. You can take additional time for prayer, reading and study later in the day.

* Pick up as you go. Don’t tell yourself you will get back to it.

Do a little consistently. Don’t throw yourself into a fit of cleaning and organizing then crash burn and let it all go until the next fit.

Make a point of taking care of yourself and dressing decently including shoes. You will feel better about yourself and somehow people will treat you better when you look, dress, and conduct yourself decently.


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