Monday—the start of a new work week and a new zone—the Kitchen.
Every Monday, clean your toilets and check your personal care, paper, and cleaning products in your bath(s). Add items you are running out of to your shopping list for your next shopping trip.
Today is the day to clear the clutter on all your surfaces. What is on the counters? The table? The tops of your refrigerator and other appliances? What is stacked in the corners.? Gather up all the papers, and other stuff into a box. White banker’s boxes are my favorite boxes for this purpose. Tuesday we will wipe down all the surfaces including the cabinets and counters. Wednesday we will give attention to our refrigerator—our cold storage cabinet. Thursday we will clean our floor thoroughly. Friday we will vacuum high and low, in, under, behind, and around. As you work through your kitchen you will visit each surface, shelf, drawer and cabinet. You will move out what you do not need, want, and enjoy and move back in what you do. You are only committed to 15 to 30 minutes a day of decluttering. In that declutter time deal with the clutter you have gathered into your box(es). Set your timer. Do not take out any more than you can put back in 15 minutes, and see what you can do in that time.
Remember that decluttering is an ongoing process. When you work your way through your home, go back and start over. Each time you go through you will get better and faster at making the decluttering decisions. Anything broken needs to be fixed or discarded. Get rid of the excess and you will be able to function better. Decide what is enough and get rid of the rest. You do not need a never-ending supply of paper bags, pencils, twist ties, and other things. I stopped by a clothing store with my daughter to pick up a shirt she needed. I did not intend to shop but when we walked in I found the right top I needed for a suit I have and a couple of tops in my right color of blue. I also found a cute and versatile dress on clearance for $18.94 that I already had accessories and shoes that would go well with that dress. So one in, one out. I went through my closet and got rid of 4 pieces of clothing (plus a few things). Do not accumulate and stash more than you need. It will become more and more oppressive.
Remember, do this a little at a time and maintain. Do not run yourself into the ground. Be persistent and consistent. A few minutes each day will free most of your weekends. Some weekends will be needed for family projects. Work together, have fun working, and share a treat when you are finished—work in the yard and then roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire. Make mini-pizzas together. Don’t live on fast food, it was meant to be an occasional treat. We will talk about cycle menus again tomorrow. Often having the right ingredients on hand makes it possible to put a meal together in less time than it would take to pick up food from a restaurant or even have it delivered.
Make a home, and make memories together.


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