Friday –Wrap Up Day Our Zone: Kitchen
Remember I flip flopped Thursday and Friday to meet the needs of my week. Friday I usually clean out my car, clean out my purse and vacuum traffic areas except in my Zone. In my Zone I vacuum around, under, over and behind. My sweet husband was working in the yard yesterday and tracking in dirt so rather than fussing at him especially when he is working hard to make our home nicer by cleaning out flower beds, mulching, and weed eating, I adapted my schedule to his. My way does not have to rule. I am adaptable and flexible. Flexible people do not get broken as easily;-)
This is my last day decluttering and deep cleaning in my Kitchen for the next month but I will maintain daily and weekly.

On Monday I begin anew in my bedroom, closet, and bathroom. Limiting my attention to one area (Zone) helps me to work with more energy for the 7 days I focus on that area. I anticipate each area and think of how I can make that area better. I look forward to making each area better instead of dreading it.
Narrow your nozzle. When the nozzle on a hose is wide open each area only gets a very little water which does very little good. As you narrow the nozzle the water gains power to the point that a very narrow stream of water with power behind it can cut through things. Do your basics each day to keep good general order but narrow your nozzle each week and give focused time and energy to small areas. Maintain, maintain, maintain those small areas.
When I walk into a room and see cabinets and drawers open, chairs pulled out, and trash lying around I do a one minute pickup. Somehow when everything is in chaos, people sometimes consider that to be permission to add to the chaos. Keep surfaces as clear as you can. I gather up papers on a daily basis, do a quick sort and put them where they need to be:
• In the trash
• Quickly dealt with things that need to be dealt with: OR
• Put papers that can wait onto my desk for Wednesday, my next Desk Day
Keep a folder for your husband if he takes care of bills and family business. Set up a folder for each child that is leaving papers around and help them to learn to deal with paper clutter, too. Give people an opportunity to learn and be successful.
Set the example and gently teach.
This morning I read the Lord’s Prayer in Luke 11. I considered my Quiet Time. Often we add and add and add to our routines to the point we do not feel we have the time to do those routines. Simplify. My Quiet Time was getting cluttered. I can read Christian books anytime. My time with God has been pared down to reading my Bible and praying. I don’t want to read about the Bible. I want to read the Bible. As I have returned to basics I am seeing things for myself in God’s Word instead of reading what someone else saw there. It is transforming. Read a chapter or read three chapters each day but read the Bible daily. One chapter a day will take you through the Bible in 3 ¼ years. Reading 3 chapters a day will take you through the Bible in about a year. No matter how many times I read the Bible, the Holy Spirit shows me new things. Do not manipulate the Bible to fit yourself or your preconceived ideas. Read and learn in context and then if you do not understand look at a commentary by someone who actually believes in God like Warren Wiersbe. Again, God’s Word is transforming when you pray, read what it says, and apply it to yourself and your life.
Mary P
A text out of context is a pretext. (Unknown)


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