D=Daily; W=Weekly; M=Monthly; S=Seasonally; EO=Every Other Seasonally is about every three months as the season change.

Master Bedroom Checklist
Work from Top to Bottom and around the room in whichever direction you want.
• Is your bed made? (D)
• Are there cobwebs that need to be removed?(M)
• Are there any burnt out bulbs in the light fixtures?(M)
• Do the light fixtures need to be cleaned?(M)
• Are the ceiling fans clean?(M)
• Are the windows and window treatments clean?(M)
• Are the woodwork and walls free of fingerprints and marks?(M)
• Are the sheets clean? (W)The duvet? The dust ruffle? The Mattress pad?(M)
• Are the surfaces (night tables, dressers, tables) free of clutter?(D)
• Does the furniture need to be polished?(M) Dusted?(W)
• Are your drawers and cabinets in order?(M)
• What’s under the bed?(M)
The Closet:
• Are the shelves in order?(M)
• Are the hanging clothes in order, clean, in good repair?(M)
• Are the shoes in order?(M)
• Are there items stored in your closet that should/could be stored elsewhere like the attic?(M)
• Does the floor need to be dust mopped or vacuumed? Does the carpet need to be shampooed or spot cleaned?(M)

Cleaning Checklist for Your Bath
• Wash Area Rug—also toilet seat cover, and shower curtain. (M)
• Clean sink—I wipe mine out after each use (D)
• Polish faucets (D)
• Clean toilet (every Monday) (W)
• Clean tub after every use. Clean and wax shower. -(Use car polish. DO NOT GET POLISH ON THE SHOWER FLOOR) (M/S)
• Clean shower door—Lemon juice works. You can even slice a lemon and apply directly to the glass. It will cut soap scum and smell fresh, too. (M)
• Clean mirror (W)
• Polish countertop (W)
• Clean cobwebs (M)
• Clean window treatments (M or S)
• Wash windows (M)
• Vacuum fan grill (S)
• Clean grout (M or EOM)
• Wipe down woodwork, cabinets, baseboards, doors, door and window frames (M)
• Clean blinds (M/S)
• Clean out medicine cabinet (S)
• Clean and organize cabinets and drawers (M)
• Clean brushes and combs (M)
• Clean scale (M)
• Wash floors (Every Thursday)
• Empty trash. (as needed)


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