It’s Tuesday—Duster Dance Day!

Put on some lively music, get your duster, and dance around your house freeing it of dust! Liberate that dust outside your home by shake, shake, shaking your duster! I love my ostrich feather duster. It is fun and captures dust beautifully. The only place for a chicken feather duster is in the trash because all they do is move dust around.

We are in our Bedroom this week including En Suite Bathrooms, and Closets. In our bedroom and bath today let’s take care of the surfaces by

  • Removing clutter; and
  • Polishing our furniture.

Wood is organic, from a living thing. Wood needs to be feed—the wax and oil in furniture polish nourishes your wood. Artificial surfaces need cleaning and will take on a sheen from  polish but wood will shrivel if unfeed and unprotected.

Again, move out all things that are neither useful nor beautiful from the surfaces in your room. Move back in a limited amount of needed and lovely items.

Tomorrow is Desk Day—Are your papers to a central location—an IN Box? Prepare to deal with those papers tomorrow.

You can do this! A little done regularly will beat a lot done sporadically.




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