Wednesday—Desk Day—Over the past several days any papers that did not need to be dealt with immediately should have been going into a folder on your desk. I like to sort as I go.
• Put the bills to be paid on one side of the folder
• Put papers to be filed on the other.

Our area of focus this week is our bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Spend 15 minutes straightening your closet today. Start at one end of the closet and work your way through. Everything in your closet should fit, be clean, and in good repair.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Avoid having your desk in your bedroom. Pieces of furniture can nag you. Desks nag about finances and other business. Put those nags in other places in your home.

Stalled out? Have you made your Master To Do List?
Dump your memory onto paper.
• What calls do you need to make?
• What cards or letters do you need to send? In these days of emails an actual note sent through the good old fashioned US Mail means a little more.
• What errands do you need to run? Bank? Post Office? Dry Cleaners? Drug Store? Groceries? Thrift Store to drop off donations?
• Have you planned your meals/done a two week cycle menu?
Walk through your home. List projects you need to do, ask the Master of the House to do, or delegate. I share my requests with my husband. Print off a nice looking list and post it on the fridge. The list can nag him, I will not.
• How about your car(s)? Are they clean and cleaned out?

Break down large projects into bite size chunks.
Coordinate your To Do List and your Calendar. What do you need to do for upcoming events? What do you need to do for family members upcoming events? Clothes? Food? Preparations?

Live life intentionally. Don’t just drift. Plan your work, work your plan. Select one to three tasks from the Master To Do List to put on your daily plan.

This is how I plan my day: I need to be out the door at 9:30. I have some ironing that I need to finish (15 minutes), and some filing I need to do (Desk Day—30 minutes). I want a buffer between leaving at 9:30 and the work I have planned so I need to try to iron at 8 and file from around 8:15 to 9 am. I did my evening walk through:
• Dishes are done and put away
• Laundry is done and put away
• Trash is taken out
• The house is in good general order
I am free to do whatever I need or want to do because my home is in order. I have a plan for dinner.
• I have had my Quiet Time
• I am about to go fold the one load of laundry in the dryer and make my bed.

I am not a housewife. I am not married to my house. I am a homemaker because I create a place of comfort and welcome for my family and friends and it is called home. There’s no place like home and that’s where my heart is.



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