Each Tuesday, put on some happy music and spend 10 minutes dusting. An ostrich feather duster will collect dust without your having to move the things on your surfaces. There is no dust under your bric-a-brac. If you do not know what I think of chicken feather dusters, if you have one get it, walk directly to your waste basket, and drop it in. All chicken feather dusters do is move the dust around.

Our area of focus from the 22nd to the 28th is the Entry, Front Porch, and Dining Room. One task connected with Duster Dance Day is to polish the furniture in your entry and dining room. Remember, wood needs to be nourished. Once a month feed it with furniture polish.

Yesterday I asked you to spend your focus time on your front porch. We have a bird that has nested on the ceiling fan on the front porch. My sweet husband washed down the floor of the porch to remove what is accumulating below the nest—bird do. We will have to do this often until eggs are hatched and fledglings leave the nest. Today my focus is on my entry. I spoke yesterday about shopping your home. I want you to get this concept. If you would not buy something, or buy it in the condition it is in, either fix it or get rid of it. Whatever is in your home should be cared for and used. Use it or lose it. If you don’t need it or can’t use it, get rid of it.

All Keyed Up—Yesterday after my doctor’s appointment we took care of something on my to do list. We visited the locksmith and had some keys made. I am working to identify any mystery keys in my home. I got little jackets for the tops of the keys I had made yesterday so I can identify my house key easily and the house key for my daughter’s home. The little colored jackets that slip onto the top of the keys are only 25 cents each. I had used a labeler but after a while the labels fade or peel off. I bought additional jackets for the keys at home and will use them as the keys are identified. After a grace period rogue keys are going in the trash or a craft project. Right now in spare moments I will toss the mystery keys in a basket and go from lock to lock until I identify and label them. Label them immediately. Unless you are waaaaaay smarter than me, you will get them mixed up again. In the project basket, mystery keys, labels with string to tie to the keys, and pen. Ta Da!

I got a clean bill of health from my doctor but she did strongly encourage a colonoscopy (ugh!). I also scheduled my annual mammogram. My blood work was good and I do not take anything but allergy medication when needed. I thank God for good health. My doctor told me that if I had a clean colonoscopy I might never have to have another or it would be about 10 years. If I didn’t have a clean colonoscopy, I would be glad to have caught any problems while there was time to deal with it. Sometimes we need to do the less than pleasant to prevent worse.

Tomorrow—Desk Day.  My focus will be on the Dining Room.

I am going to do some of my paperwork today. We have a neighborhood Bonco group. The friend who was going to host had a family emergency and had to cancel it at her home. Because my home is fairly clean and fairly orderly I was able to step up and trade months with her. So tomorrow I will be checking my bathrooms to make sure they are clean, fixing refreshments, and preparing to host a great group of friends. I am so grateful for the freedom I have because I have been decluttering and working to make my home welcoming for over thirty years now. My home is not fancy but it’s friendly. I also have some lovely friends, Rene and Joe who will come a few minutes early to help with the last minute things. I am blessed and I know it. We have a good God.



Well begun is half done!


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