Each Wednesday I try to give at least 15 minutes to making sure my filing is up to date and all business is current. I use Quicken to download and reconcile my transactions DAILY. I never have to go searching for a transaction or try to find where I am off by a few dollars or cents. I also can immediately alert my bank when something is incorrect—an unknown transaction or an altered tip.

In dealing with paper my questions are:
 Do I need this paper?
 Why do I need this paper?
 Can I find the information somewhere else?
 If I was trying to locate this paper where would I look?

I have a small action file—To Do, To Pay, To File, To Read and a file for each month of the year where I put receipts I may need.

I have my archive files where I keep records like insurance policies, mortgage papers, income records—pay stubs, social security. I use the Homefile filing system. http://www.homefileorganizer.com/ I have used it for years and I love it.
I have a topical file where I keep tourism information of places I want to visit, information related to groups I participate in, game rules and directions, and other things of interest to me and my family.

The goal is to be able to quickly locate information when it’s needed. I try not to clutter up my files with unneeded papers and to purge a file or two when I have time left on Desk Day.

Tonight I am hosting our neighborhood Bonco group. I am a last minute fill in for a friend who had a family emergency. My home needs a light cleaning—dusting vacuuming and mopping. I will shop for food this morning, have my nails done with my friend Cathy during her weekly beauty day, and fix the food this afternoon to be pulled out tonight. I like Mason canning jars and my home is very slightly country so I am using a country theme for our menu:
 Emeril’s recipe baked chicken wings
 Pigs in a Blanket
 Potato salad
 Fruit kebabs
 Strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream for dessert
 Lemonade and ice tea
 Nuts and bridge mix on the tables.
The table tents, score sheets, and name tags will have Mason jars on them.

Did you notice I am taking time to have my nails done? When your home is in order from the inside out you can take time during a busy day to relax and be with friends. The way I declutter, organize, and clean my home gives me freedom to do other things instead of being tied down to endless drudgery. Caring for my home is not drudgery but a way of expressing gratitude to God for all He has given me, and love for my family and friends by providing a welcoming place for them (and me, too).

Saw something in one of my favorite groups that got me thinking: I am a welcome mat, not a doormat. I want my home and my life to say welcome to all who come here.

Love and Hugs,


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