Today—a New Area of Focus (Zone)—The Kitchen

Every Wednesday (Desk Day) spend some time bringing your paperwork up to date. Remember your goal is to pay your bills on time, deal with family business in a timely fashion, and to be able to locate papers you need quickly.

On Desk Day:

  • Are there any bills to pay or to program into your Bill Pay?
  • Are there any outstanding issues that need attention—a note, email, or phone call?
  • Have you sent an RSVP for any invitations?
  • Is there any filing that needs to be done?

Life is so much easier when you keep up with things.

I use Quicken and my bank’s Bill Pay to deal with almost all my bills. I download my transactions each day and reconcile them. If there is a discrepancy I can deal with it immediately.

One problem I have encountered is the amount of tips being changed.  When I leave a tip now I fill out my copy with the amount of the tip and the total. I keep the receipt until the charge has cleared the bank and I make sure the amounts match. Most restaurants will make an immediate adjustment. The one that has not followed through has lost my business.

Today is the first day in our kitchens. Since it is Desk Day—are there any papers in your kitchen? Put them in a box and whenever you sit down for a few minutes go through the pile. Your papers belong in a file not on top of your refrigerator or on your kitchen table.

Reserve the front 2/3 of your counter for food preparation. Make it easier to prepare food. Some people don’t enjoy cooking because their kitchen is a mess and they do not have what they need to cook and serve food.  

  • Get rid of the clutter in your kitchen—toss the trash, put things that belong elsewhere where they belong, get rid or fix anything broken, donate or give away your excess.
  • Put your kitchen in order—set up centers. Keep like items with like—what you need to prepare coffee or tea (beverage center), what you need to bake, dishes, flatware, pots and pans, and food by type.
  • Store infrequently used items on the higher shelves. Store items you use regularly where you can reach them with one or two motions.
  • Limit what you keep on your counters. If you do not use it regularly, find a place to store it.
  • Reserve your kitchen table for eating. If you use it for homework or other activities, clear it off as quickly as you are finished.

My colonoscopy went really much better than I expected. No problems, no symptoms—my doctor insisted at a regular physical that it was time. The appointment for the colonoscopy came up very quickly. I was able to schedule it within a week. The staff at John Randolph Medical Center Outpatient Surgery/Endoscopy were absolutely wonderful. I was treated so well. I slept most of the day yesterday. Today I feel just fine. If you have been putting off a colonoscopy because of what you’ve heard.

When your schedule changes, make adjustments. I have mapped out my decluttering throughout my home. I was going to get my office done this week including all the files. I will do a little at a time but I will pace myself. I lost part of Monday and all of Tuesday so I am adjusting my decluttering map. I don’t easily change my plans because I want to hold myself accountable.




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