My Mother’s Day gift from one of my beautiful daughters.


Our current Area of Focus (Zone) is our Kitchen—

  • How do your appliances look?
  • Do you maintain them and keep them clean inside and out?

What we appreciate and care for well serves us better. It may not be the stove, refrigerator, microwave, or dishwasher of your dreams but if you keep it clean and in good condition you will be able to make better use of it. My stove hood microwave is several years old but looks new because I clean it regularly. The same is true of my other appliances.

Years ago my stove was dying a slow death and I could not afford to replace it. We priced new coils for the stove top and a new element for the oven. The cost wasn’t that bad! New coils, new element and a good cleaning later my stove was almost like new and worked well for several years more.  Appreciate and take care of what you have.

  • Are the coils on your fridge free of dust?

Your fridge will work much better if you keep the coils free of dust. Take off the guard at the bottom and vacuum underneath your fridge.

Today in your kitchen give your appliances some love. If any appliance is not working well, what does it need to function better?

Each Monday clean your toilets and check your bathroom for needed supplies—personal, paper, and cleaning. Add anything you are about to run out of to your shopping list. Do not wait until you have used the last roll, the last drop, or the last squeeze before you add it to your list.

Ring Around the Toilet

Reply to a member’s question: What is the best way to get rid of ring around the potty? I’ve tried comet, soft scrub, CLR, and a pumice stone! It looks dirty but I scrub-a-dub it regularly!

  • First, turn off the water to your toilet (behind the toilet) and flush to remove the water from your toilet.
  • Line your toilet with paper towels.
  • Saturate paper towels with vinegar or CLR or some other acidic cleaning product. The paper towels should be in contact with the ring around the potty.
  • Let stand for about an hour. Check to see if the ring is gone or loosened.
  • You may need to use the pumice if there is any ring left.
  • Don’t forget to dampen the pumice or it will scratch the porcelain.
  • Remove paper towels to a bucket and dispose.
  • Turn water back on and flush! Ta Da — no more toilet ring.

Whenever you have flat cola whatever the brand (Pepsi, Coca Cola, Generic) dump your flat cola in the toilet and allow to stand for around an hour and flush. Makes you think about what we drink, doesn’t it?

Preview of the Week—

In the Kitchen—Monday and Tuesday—What needs to be done to finish up in the kitchen? Tomorrow is Duster Dance Day—we will give our cabinets a little extra love.

Wednesday, May 15th-Tuesday, May 21) Our Bedroom, En Suite Bathroom, and Closet

Rhythm of Each Week

Monday—Clean Toilets and Check Bathroom Supplies

Tuesday—Duster Dance Day

Wednesday—Desk Day

Thursday—Floor Day

Friday—Wrap Up the Week—Clean Out Your Purse, Clean Out Your Car, Vacuum Traffic Areas

Saturday—Family Fun Day

Sunday—The Day of Rest God has given us as a reminder of our relationship with Him. Sunday is like a wedding ring on our week. Worship and spend time with family and friends. Change your pace.

Launch a Great Week!



A Little Grammar—

Regardless means “without regard to” Irregarless is not a word. It would mean without regard to without regard to—redundant!!


3 thoughts on “Monday, May 13, 2013 Launch Your Week and What Do I Do About a Stubborn Ring Around the Potty?

  1. I have had great success with “The Works” (available very cheaply at SAM’s Club) brand toilet bowl cleaner. We have iron-heavy well water (vinegar does nothing) and even with a softener, iron filter, and iron removing salt – I still get some rust on my old white porcelain. In addition, once a month I put about a half cup of “Super Iron Out,” in every toilet tank for an overnight soak.

    Dishwasher and washing machine also get a monthly “Super Iron Out” treatment.

    1. You’re welcome! The cheapest I have found Super Iron Out is at Lowes. They also have the best price on large cans of Barkeeper’s Friend (the other rusty water necessity)

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