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Wednesday, May 15, 2013—Desk Day, A New Area of Focus—The Bedroom—and A Stair Step Basket

Today is Desk Day
—Take 30 minutes to:
• Check your action file—To Do
• Pay any bills
• File any papers you need to keep but have already acted upon.

Today is the first day in a new Area of Focus(Zone)—The Master Bedroom, En Suite Bathroom, and Closet

Yesterday I gave you an extra task while you are working in your bedroom—take 15 minutes a day to try on the clothes in your closet.
• Begin at one end of your closet
• Try on each item as you come to it.
o Does it fit? End of discussion—either let it go now or give yourself 6 weeks to get back into it. Then let it go.
o Is it clean?
o Is it in good repair?
o Do you feel good in it? Is the cut flattering? Is it a good color for you? If you can get into it but the length makes your calves look like tree trunks or the color makes you look ill—get rid of it or fix it.
• After 15 minutes, tie a ribbon around the closet rod where you stop and come back tomorrow.
• Put anything in need of cleaning in the laundry, anything in need of repair in a clothes basket, and anything you need to let go of in a box or bag to go out the door the end of the week.

I keep a stair step basket on my stairs. Anything that needs to go upstairs goes in the basket. Each time I go upstairs I glance at the basket and take anything that belongs upstairs to its home upstairs. Small habits add up in their effectiveness. image

In your Bedroom today, gather any papers that have crept in, quickly sort them, and put them where they belong—trash, action file, or filing cabinet.

Work around your room dealing with clutter as you come to it.

15 to 30 timed minutes a day add up to 1 ¼ hours (15 minutes for 5 days) to 3 hours (30 minutes a day for 6 days) You can make real progress in that amount of FOCUSED time)

I am running slow today because I am trying to learn how to use my MacBook . I am slightly challenged but I am challenged.

Have a lovely day—tomorrow is floor day—Get ready to clear the floor in your bedroom, bath, and closet so you can mop it Thursday or Vacuum on Friday.

Big Hugs,

A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.


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