Every Friday:

  • Clean Out Your Car
  • Clean Out Your Purse, Backpack or Tote—whatever you routinely carry with you
  • Vacuum the Traffic Areas in Your Home

Your Area of Focus is Your Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room. When you vacuum your traffic areas give these areas a more thorough vacuuming—around, under, and behind.

Commit to spending 15 to 30 minutes a day in your area of focus (aka Zone). Do not pull out more than you can deal with in that time. Declutter first, then organize, then make it shine with a deeper cleaning. Getting rid of the clutter is the first step. Shop your home—would you buy this item today? Does it have a purpose in your home? Does it have a place in your home? If not, get rid of it.

Getting Out the Door

Years ago I read something that stopped me in my tracks. I do not remember the book or the author but it said that those who are late are essentially stealing time from the people who are on time or early. We train people to be late by keeping others waiting while we wait for them. As a mom with small children I was chronically late. I determined to be on time myself. I determined when I was leading an activity or function to start on time. I did not want to be a time thief. How do we get out the door on time?

Our phones, computers, and GPS’s will tell us how long it takes to arrive at a destination. We know how long it takes to get to church, work, school or the many places we frequent. Build in a small buffer for hitting every light, construction or other problems along the way and leave on time.

When I am preparing to go out the door:

  • First, I place anything that need to go out the door with me near the door.
  • I lay out my clothes the night before. This would be true of anyone else’s clothing, too. I do not lay out my husband’s clothing but I make sure that everything in his closet is clean and ready to wear.
  • Get yourself ready first and then throw an apron or coverall over your clothes so you will not get dirty getting everyone else ready.
  • What needs to take place in my home before I leave? Allow time for baths, showers, everyone to hit the potty before going out the door, and to leave my home in order—beds made, dishes done, and everything in good general order.
  • Leaving your home in order means you come home to an orderly and welcoming home. Does your home welcome you and others when you open the door?
  • Make sure your gas tank is never below ¼ tank or has enough gas to get you where you are going in an emergency.
  • Think ahead—I was always 15 minutes late—that meant I had to back up my planning by at least 15 minutes. Start earlier. Do not live on an adrenaline rush. Give yourself the time you need to prepare calmly and sanely.
  • Give a 5 minute warning. Everyone needs to be ready to go out the door—you cannot leave kidlets behind unattended. Make sure everyone is moving.  It’s called being a Home Manager. The day will come when everyone is grown up and you will miss these days, your children and the work of being a mom.

You can get out the door on time if you plan for it. You are depriving yourself of peace when you live in a rush. You are depriving yourself of unrushed time with family and friends. 

Change your attitude and you change your actions. Change your actions and you change your life.



Just a little grammar—I have been adding this postscript almost every day because I saw intelligent people making common errors with our language. It has been random but beginning on Monday I will give you an orderly morsel of the English Language as spoken and written in the USA. Grammar is the way a language is used—what are the different types of words, how are they used, what is appropriate word order in a sentence? I do recognize that I can be somewhat freeform with our language but I will share by the book.


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