My action files
My action files


Every Wednesday is Desk Day. Take time to pay bills and take action on any personal or family business. File either in the waste basket, your monthly files, or filing cabinet. Keeping unneeded papers makes it difficult to locate the important papers when you need them. I have a set of 12 monthly files with my simple file system. They are labeled January through December. I keep my receipts and paid bills in that file. The current month is the front. I move the prior month to the back after tossing any receipts I do not need to keep.

imageToday is the first of three days with the Family Bathroom(s) as the area of focus. I included a cleaning checklist in yesterday’s post. Spread the monthly tasks from that list over the next three days.

Paper Clutter (Part One):

Junk mail—sort it directly into your trash can. Shred the credit applications or tear your name and address off them and toss them.

Old mail—if you have not opened mail in over 3 months you may not need to open it. If you have been stacking mail instead of opening it begin to deal with it today.  Then work backward.  

Use the Simple File system. Make Files labeled To Pay, To Do, To Read, To File.

  • To Pay—Bills
  • To Do—Documents that request information or require action. Information  on upcoming events and invitations (Note:  put important dates on your calendar before placing in this file.
  • To Read—materials you want to read: magazines, newsletter, information on topics of interest
  • To File—documents you want to keep for tax and other purposes

Newspapers—Use it or lose it. If you subscribe to a newspaper read it that day and recycle. If you do not read it the day you receive it, just recycle, and cancel when your subscription is over. News is available on TV, online, and on the radio as we travel.

Coupons—Many people get the paper for the coupons.  Until you get your paper clutter under control give your coupons to someone who will use them. Also, there are apps now that will allow you to clip and store coupons on your smart phone. Couponing is a subject of its own. Until you have your home in order wait on the couponing. Then develop that shopping skill.

Magazines—If you read them, enjoy them. If you do not read them, cancel your subscription. I have a magazine basket in my living room, when a new issue arrives I get rid of an old issue. I do keep two issues. I donate most of my magazines to my local library or leave them in waiting rooms for others to enjoy, I remove the mailing label.

Be persistent and consistent. You will get it done.



Just a little grammar:

Yesterday we looked at the eight parts of speech. The first part of speech is the noun. A noun is the name of a person, place, or thing. A noun can be concrete (chair) or abstract (love). Nouns are common nouns- woman, town, country, continent, ocean—or proper nouns (Clara Barton, Chicago, Argentina, Asia, Pacific Ocean. If you are speaking of a dad it would be a common noun. If you are using Dad as a name it is a proper noun. Proper nouns are capitalized.

Two or more words used together are compound nouns: hair stylist, Byrd Park

Tomorrow: Pronouns


2 thoughts on “Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Desk Day and Paper Clutter Part One

  1. I do have a newspaper every week – but I use all of the non glossy paper in my garden to suppress weeds. Truly – the only thing I have trouble purging are knitting/crochet magazines, since they are chock full of delectable patterns. Sigh – but, at least I keep them in an orderly fashion confined to the sewing room! 😀

    Love your blog.

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