Write down your purpose and your goal
Write down your purpose and your goals

Friday, June 07, 2013—Ask Yourselves These Questions

What is your purpose? Do you know?

For me, I am first of all, I am Mary, a creation of God to know, love and serve Him. All other purposes grow out of that first purpose. My Father in heaven, delights in me. I desire to bring Him glory with all I am, all I do, and all I say.

I am Roy’s wife. I want to enrich and support him in all ways spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. How will I walk this out?

I am a mother to Eve, Summer, Amy, and Roger, and step-mother to Chris, Van, Lynda, Steve, and Jeff. My love and care extends to the people they have married. Where I can I will provide them with all the prayer, love, and support I can. Where we are unable to be part of their lives, I will pray for them. Prayer is not a last resort but the first and greatest work. How will I walk this out?

I am a grandmother to so many beautiful grandchildren. I will pray and love them whether they are near or far in distance or in heart. How will I walk this out?

I will make each work as far as I am able a work of art whether it is crafting or cleaning, my care for my home and others is a work of love and I seek to do it creatively. How will I walk this out?

In line with each of these broad statements I will commit to concrete ways to live each relationship and commitment out each day. The ways I will walk each commitment out. These are my goals.

Goals should be measurable. What is my goal? How often or how much? How long—is this a short term, long term or permanent goal?

Being specific, not I will love God but:

• I will walk out my love for God

o by reading His Word daily,

o paying attention to what the Bible is saying,

o and taking action to make it’s commands and principles part of my life;

• by talking to Him throughout the day but especially in the first quiet moments of the morning and the last moments before sleep, and listening for His voice.

• I will entrust myself to Him and give Him my not only my sins but my successes, not only my pain but my joy.

• I will recognize His commands as commands in my best interest and the interest of others and not simply options.

• I will seek to live life with a constant consciousness of His presence.

• Since God is love, I will pursue an attitude of love in all my thoughts, actions, words, and attitudes.

Reducing one of those goal further:

• I will read 2 chapters of the Old Testament and 1 in the New Testament along with a Psalm and Proverb each day.

• This is measurable—what—read the Bible, how much—reading from 2 chapters-Old Testament, 1 chapter-New Testament and at least a section of a Psalm and one to three verses of Proverbs, when—daily

Let’s take a look at our homes and the purposes in our home. Each room has a purpose. Define the purpose of each room and determine if you have the tools to fulfill those functions. Yesterday I talked about some of the principles of storing items. Do those items belong in your home or are they simply clutter?

As you go through your home quickly ask yourself

• What is this and what is it for? Identify the function or purpose

• Do I or another family member use it?

• Am I keeping it where I am or want to use it? Take your papers to your office area and visit them there regularly.

• Decide where you will store certain things that may be used throughout your home. Where will I store batteries?

• Do I need to keep duplicates of often used items? Tool kits, sewing kits, cleaning items, scissors. In a two story home you may want duplicates of cleaning tools and products on each floor. Things that are used in many places in many ways like scissors should be duplicated and their home identified—Kitchen scissors, office scissors, crafting scissors, sewing scissors, and scissors where your children do their homework. Write on them with a sharpie or tag them.

• You do not need multiple garlic presses if you don’t work in a restaurant kitchen, the same goes for melon ballers and any number of other things. Keep the best, lose the rest.

The problem with stuff is you need a place to keep it (storage) and you need to be able to find it when you need it. Defining a place and being faithful to put things back will make your life easier and save money and time. Yesterday, my son-in-love left his keys on the kitchen counter. Not a problem until his 5 year old son put a puppet on top of it. When it was time to go out the door—the keys were nowhere to be seen. A clearly defined place for keys can save you hours of key hunting time in a year.

As my daddy says, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”



Happily loving my youngest grands in Utah


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