Who is your Family and Home Manager?   What’s in your refrigerator and freezer?

My fridge
My fridge

From Monday the 10th  through Friday the 14th  your area of focus (zone) is your kitchen.

The rhythm of your week is:

  • Declutter from 15 to 30 minutes each day
  • Monday—Clean your toilets and check your bathroom supplies
  • Tuesday—Duster Dance Day –make the dreaded task of fun. Put on some fun music and swoosh that dust out the door. Polish any furniture in your area of focus
  • Wednesday—Desk Day—bring your personal and family business up to date
    • Pay bills
    • Check on any business in progress and make phone calls or write letters as needed
    • File
    • Thursday—Floor Day—Clean your hard floors. This is a once over. Give special attention to the floor in your area of focus
    • Friday—Wrap Up Your Week Day
      • Clean out your car
      • Clean out your purse, diaper bag, backpack, or computer case
      • Vacuum the traffic areas in your home. Do a thorough vacuuming in your area of focus—over, under and around
      • Saturday—Family Fun Day—
      • Sunday—the crown of the week. Worship (worth ship) God as a family and spend a day of rest with family and friends. Rest can include activity but don’t make it a routine day of shopping and errands.

Who is managing your home and family? If you are continually flying by the seat of your pants, no one is. The mom is the heart of the family, You can either be a thermostat or a thermometer. A thermometer simply measures the temperature in your home. A Terhmostat sets the temperature of the home.

I like the term home maker because I am the one who makes my house a home, a safe and pleasant place for myself and my family. I do not like the term housewife because I am not married to my home.

A family/home manager manages the home.

  • Keeping the calendar and being aware of what food, clothes, and other things are needed for family commitments throughout the week
  • Seeing the home is maintained and kept clean. Requesting assistance and delegating work as needed
  • Communicating with all family members to coordinate the family needs and values
  • Nuturing the family and providing support spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • Teaching the family the skills they will need for life. Even when we delegate some of that responsibility to a school or church, we remain responsible for knowing what they are learning and if it is consistent with our family values.

I am so disappointed when I hear others speak, even jokingly in a negative way about their spouses and children. I want to be an encourager, not one who demeans and criticizes. When criticism is needed it can be given in a constructive, not destructive way. I noticed a pattern in Paul’s epistles. First Paul would speak of his love and care for the people then he would speak about his concerns for them in a this is what you are doing, this is what you are called to do.

What’s in your refrigerator and freezer?

What has gotten shuffled to the back of the fridge and gone horribly out of date. I cleaned out my daughter’s fridge and freezer this morning. It took less than 15 minutes.

  • I checked each shelf—all the way to the back and disposed of old food.
  • I grouped like items together.
  • I checked the veggie and fruit drawers for fruit and veggies that were less than fresh
  • I found some duplicates and grouped them together with the container with the least in it to the front.
  • In the freezer I did the same grouping like items together.

Take a good look in your pantry, fridge, and freezer as you make your menu and shopping list this week. Try to use up as much of the food, especially fresh food as you can. Remember food in your freezer does not last forever and add what you have in there to your menu, too.

Having a wonderful time in Utah with my grands, daughter, and son-in-law. They both work so the boys are enjoying grandma and papa time and we are cooking, and doing the daily tasks during the work day.

I am moving a load of clothes from the washer to the dryer. Shortly we will be taking the boys to Thanksgiving Point for some fun. I don’t know if we will choose the Children’s Garden, Dinosaur Museum, or Farm today. Then some grocery shopping and home for rest and playtime.



The time difference is playing havoc with me!!


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