Tuesday, June 18, 2013—Tuesday is Duster Dance Day and Discovering a Habit I Didn’t Know I Had

The Woman at the Well-Inspiration Garden-Thanksgiving Point
The Woman at the Well-Inspiration Garden-Thanksgiving Point

Area of Focus: Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet

Take time in your bedroom today to clear the surfaces of clutter so you can polish the furniture. Put back only what belongs on that surface—functional or beautiful. Limit the amount of stuff you have on display.

Duster Dance Day is making the dreaded D chore fun by putting on some music and using the right tool to quickly dust the flat surfaces in your home.

Saturday evening in my daughter’s home, I found myself picking up, putting things away and finishing the laundry. I realized I have the habit preparing my home for Sunday so that I do not have any cleaning to do. Sunday is a day of rest for me. God knows how He wired us and knows we need a change in routine to be refreshed.

Years ago, I remember reading a book by Karen Burton Mains called Making Sunday Special. Karen and her husband were touring Israel, the only Christian couple on a bus tour with observant Jews. The Jewish people were excited because their itinerary had them in Jerusalem on the Sabbath. Karen wrote of the Sabbath being the crown of the week. The Hebrew day is from sunset to sunset. The Sabbath begins Friday evening. From Saturday evening to Tuesday evening they are remembering the Sabbath.  From Tuesday evening to Friday evening they are preparing for the Sabbath.  I have written before that the day we celebrate Christ’s resurrection is like a wedding band so that we will remember our relationship with Him. I like the picture, too, of Sunday as the crown of our week.



I know we will be leaving here at 5 am Utah time and arriving in Richmond at dinner time so please pray for safe travel. Until the next time I can post you are in my heart and in my prayers


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