Each Wednesday is Desk Day—

  • Are your bills up to date?
  • Are there any outstanding issues you need to deal with by making a phone call or writing a note or an email?
  • Are you papers stored in an orderly fashion so you can find important papers/documents when needed? (Filed)

This week is the fourth week of the month and our Area of Focus is The Entry, Front Porch and Dining Room. Today is Dining Room Day. Tomorrow because the days for the Family Bath and Powder Room fall on Saturday and Sunday, I will make sure my bathrooms are clean, orderly, and clutter-free for the next month.

Day Two in the Black Hole—When last I left you we (my grandson and I) were dealing with his bedroom at home—not at my house. If you have not read yesterday’s post the project I believed would take 4 hours took from 7:30 to 12:00 on Monday and the same amount of time yesterday. Yesterday we attacked (dum, dum, dum! That’s supposed to be suspenseful music) the dreaded closet. Before we could clean the closet we had to work our way into the closet. It was obvious that the closet had been organized at one time but the pitch and run strategy had been used by my grandson. Pitch it in, shut the door, and don’t look back.

The closet was full of a mix of outgrown clothes and clothes that still fit so we sorted and sorted and sorted and bagged and bagged and bagged the clothes that no longer fit. It was hard to tell which of the clothes that fit were clean so we brought most of them back to my house to wash and fold.

Today my grandson will have an ironing lesson. Every piece of clothing does not have to be ironed all over. Some pieces benefit from having a collar touched up. If clothes come from a warm dryer to a hanger quickly they look pretty well. If they are left the clothes will be wrinkled. It is also important not to over load the washer and dryer because clothes cannot move freely in the machine(s) and come out severely wrinkled. I don’t know about you but I prefer to wear clothes that don’t look like I slept in them last night.

We subconsciously make judgments about people. If your clothes are wrinkled and you are poorly groomed, people often feel, without realizing it, that you are sloppy and don’t care. I want represent God well. I am less concerned with making an impression for myself than by honoring God with all I am, all I do, and all I say. Concept: the way you dress, care for yourself, act and speak will honor or dishonor God.

Back to the Black Hole:  We are taking a break today, except for the ironing lesson. We made a trip to Target and got a wastebasket, drawer organizer for his pencils, scissors and glue in the top desk. There is nothing under the bed but the bag with his taekwondo armor, the books are arranged on his bookshelves, his clothes are put away and the room is clean and in order. The carpet could stand to be cleaned and the walls need to be wiped down but he will be doing that under my supervision,probably next week.

We will be putting together a list of tasks for him to post on his bedroom door by day and week. I have told him that I can show up at any time and his bed should be made, clothes put away, closet and drawers in order and his room generally neat.

Work with your children until they know what they are doing. Instruct calmly and lovingly. We don’t like to be yelled at, neither do our children. When we yell, they learn that is the way you do things. If you are unhappy about something, lower your voice, don’t raise it.

Remember: inspect, don’t expect.

Psalm 119—Day Three

Our pastor is teaching/preaching on the Psalms for 13 weeks. He suggested we memorize a Psalm and joked that there was a special prize for anyone who learned Psalm 119. Psalm 119 is both the longest Psalm and the longest chapter in the Bible. It has 22 sections, each beginning with a consecutive letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Each section has 8 verses. I have learned that it is arranged in that way to make it easier to memorize. In Old Testament times, people did not have personal copies of Scripture to carry around with them so they had to memorize it. There are 176 verses in Psalm 119 and 91 days, so I need to try to memorize about 2 verses a day or about 1 ½ sections a week. Side benefit—I am learning the Hebrew alphabet—Aleph, Beth, Gimel.

So far the first four verses and I hope to learn two more today—

1              Joyful are people of integrity

                Who follow the instructions of the Lord

2              Joyful are those who obey His laws

                And they search for Him with all their hearts

3              They do not compromise with evil

                And they walk only in His paths.

4              You have charged us

To obey your commandments carefully

5              Oh that my actions would consistently

                Reflect Your decrees.

6              Then I will not be ashamed

                When I compare my life with Your commands.



Inspect, don’t expect


One thought on “Wednesday, June 26, 2013—Day Two in the Black Hole and Psalm 119

  1. Sometimes it is hard to get started cleaning a child’s room. I came home today to my son telling me his closet rod had broken. This makes it a necessity to pull everything out, clean out, and get rid of the 14 years of clutter. He is now 21 and will probably never use his old karate uniform or magic kit again! I just hate to part with these but I think I will just take a picture of them and keep the memories! Thanks for all your advice!

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