Thursday Is Floor Day—take time to mop your hard floors –hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate. Read your floor cleaner’s label to make sure they are the right cleaner for your type of flooring. Do not make this task a career—simply make sure you have the right tools and get it done.

Our Area of Focus is the Entry, Front Porch, and Dining Room. Because the days with the Bathroom(s) as an Area of Focus are Saturday and Sunday, today I will clean my powder room and family bath. Our en suite bath is cleaned the week I clean our bedroom and our closet. Next week the Living Room/Family Room.

After a few days going to my daughter’s home to help my early teen grandson clean out his Black Hole of a Bedroom including the Black Hole Closet, I am regrouping. I am doing what I need to do today and planning for July.

  • What needs to be done in our home?
  • What is coming up?
  • When you complete a project, take a deep breath, look at what you have accomplished and think about what comes next.

Each morning or evening I walk through my home, I look at each area, and tweak it—close doors, empty trash, straighten things out of place. I enjoy what is clean and orderly, make small adjustments for thing that are out of place, and make note of tasks will take more than a couple of minutes so I can put them on my To Do List. Even though our children are grown, some of our grandchildren are here regularly and I find surprises (interesting projects and small messes) all the time. When I can, I will strongly encourage them to pick up after themselves. Other times I realize that this is not the battlefield I want to die on and take care of it myself. When they sleep here they make their beds first thing in the morning and follow other house rules. I do not have any control over what they do at home but I strongly encourage good behavior at our home.

By the way, control is an illusion. I am continually aware that things change quickly. I am not under the illusion that I have real control over much of anything. I cannot control what happens but I do try to govern my response to what happens. I do my best to be kind, gracious, and forgiving in the face of less than kind, gracious, and forgiving behavior of others. God has been gracious to me. God has forgiven me. I can be civil, gracious, and kind to those who have been less so to me and to entrust them to God. I do not have to “fix” everything. There is a Holy Spirit. I will get out of the way and let Him work. It is my responsibility to teach my children and grandchildren, but in the end I will have to trust the results to the Lord.



Memorizing Psalm 119
Memorizing Psalm 119
Day Four –Psalm 119

Aleph (first letter of Hebrew alphabet—in the Hebrew each verse begins with this letter).

1              Joyful are people of integrity

                Who follow the instructions of the LORD

2              Joyful are those who obey His laws

                And they search for Him with all their hearts.

3              They do not compromise with evil

                And they walk only in His paths.

4              You have charged us

                To obey your commandments carefully

5              Oh that my actions

                Would consistently reflect Your decrees.

6              Then I will not be ashamed

                When I compare my life with Your commands.

7              As I learn Your righteous regulations

                I will thank You by living as I should.

8              I will obey Your decrees

                Please do not give up on me!

Beth (the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In the Hebrew each verse begins with this letter)

9              How can a young person stay pure?

                By obeying Your word.

As I work to memorize these verses, they are becoming friends. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I called these verses to mind. Nine verses almost down, 167 to go! I have hope of learning this as I almost have the first of 22 sections (strophe) memorized. The beauty of these verses grows in my heart each day.

I have a Bible open to Psalm 119 next to my bed and another open to these verses next to where I usually sit. I bought wire-bound 3×5 notebook to carry with me so I can review the verses throughout the day.


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