Memorizing Psalm 119
Memorizing Psalm 119


Every Friday—Wrap Up the Week

  • Clean Out Your Car
  • Clean Out Your Purse, Diaper Bag, Computer Case or Backpack
  • Vacuum the Traffic Areas in Your Home

This Is the Last Weekday in June—Wrap Up the Month

What do you need to do to finish up in your home for June?

Thoroughly vacuum your entry, and dining room.

We begin again on Monday. Moms, please take time this summer to work with your children on values and skills. What do you want your children to learn? Talk about what you believe and what is important to you.  You can talk about concepts, attitude, and skills. Tomorrow I will make cookies with one of my grandsons, and as we work we will talk.  We will talk about measurement and cooking and faith and life.

imagep>The Area of Focus for Week One is Your Living Room/Family Room.

In July, there will be some specific daily organizing challenges. Get ready!



Day Five of Memorizing Psalm 119—I want to share some tips on memorizing Scripture:

How Do I Memorize Scripture?

   You remember what is important to you. You may not always have your Bible with you. In those many moments when you need God’s wisdom, encouragement, and direction you will have what you have stored in your heart.


1. Before all else, ask God’s help to memorize.

2. Write the verse on an index (3×5 or 4×6) card. Write the reference (location in the Bible) at the beginning and the end of the verse. Writing the reference at both the beginning and the end of the verse will help you remember where to find it.

3. Review the verse often, breaking it down into small phrases.

4.  Think about what you write and what you say. Take the meaning down into your heart.

5. Write the verse on sticky notes and post it where you can see and repeat it throughout the day. (Your bathroom mirror, your computer, your cell phone, the steering wheel of your car, on the cover of your Bible, and other places you see regularly)

6. Choose verses that stand out to you as you read your Bible. There are also lists of verses to memorize from a variety of sources. One of favorite is the Navigators Topical Memory System with online access at:

7. Repeat, repeat, repeat and after you know the verse review, review, review.


Each day rather than write what I am memorizing on a sheet in my notebook I am writing it and posting it here. This is an accountability device. I do not want to quit or fall behind.

 Psalm 119


1          Joyful are people of integrity

            Who follow the instructions of the LORD

2          Joyful are those who obey His laws

            And they search for Him with all their hearts.

3          They do not compromise with evil

            And they walk only in His paths.

4          You have charged us

            To obey Your commandments carefully

5          Oh that my actions

            Might consistently reflect Your decrees

6          Then I will not be ashamed

            When I compare my life with your commands

7          As I learn Your righteous regulations

            I will thank You by living as I should.

8          I will obey Your decrees

            Please don’t give up on me!



9          How can a young person stay pure

            By obeying your word.

10        I have tried hard to find You

            Don’t let me wander from Your commands

11        I have hidden Your word in my heart

            That I might not sin against you.

12        I praise You, O LORD

            Teach me Your decrees.




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