A planning notebook is a central place to keep emergency phone numbers, a master to do list, your routines, personal information, and a variety of other information.

  • Choose a notebook that appeals to you. We tend to use what we like.
  • Use labeled dividers between the different sections—you will not use the notebook if it is hard to locate information
  • This notebook is not just for personal use but will help anyone step into your shoes in case of an emergency. What information would someone need if they were to run your home for a day or longer?
  • My notebook contains:
    • Emergency Telephone Numbers including the contact numbers for family and neighbors
    • Special Occasions—Birthdays and Anniversaries of Family and Friends by Month
    • Household Routine—when is trash and/or recycling picked up
    • Master To Do List—Dump your memory onto paper and list everything that has been floating around in your mind nagging you.
    • Future Dreams and Goals—Long Term To Do List
    • Cleaning Checklist for Each Room in the House
    • My Weekly and Daily Planning Sheets
    • Most of the templates for these sheets are on my Files page on Facebook. If you cannot access these documents, message me on Facebook or send a Friend Request and I will add you to the Facebook group. If you are not active on Facebook, let me know and I will email the documents to you.

This Week’s Area of Focus—the Living Room/Family Room—Today is Duster Dance Day—Dust and Polish the Furniture and Flat Surfaces in the Area  of Focus

On Duster Dance Day—put on some energetic music and have fun dancing through the house dusting the flat surfaces with an ostrich feather duster or Swiffer, or lamb’s wool duster. If you have a chicken feather dust, walk directly to the waste basket and drop it in. Cheap dusters only move dust around. Remember even toddlers are great assistant on this task. They are excellent helpers for dusting low shelves, baseboards and table legs—all the low places.





2 thoughts on “July 2, 2013 –Day Two of the July Challenge—Day Two—Do You Have a Planning Notebook?

  1. I’ve always used a planner, but perhaps I should have a notebook such as you describe. Sounds very efficient!

  2. Planning pages may be part of a notebook like this but this notebook stays at home when I do not and holds information that would allow others to step into my shoes.

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