Thursday is Floor Day
Thursday is Floor Day

Each Thursday clean your hard floors. Don’t obsess. Get out whatever cleaning tools and products you use for the various types of flooring surfaces in your home and do it! For quick pickups I like to use the wet Swiffer pads. When the floor is in my Area of Focus, I take more time to clean the floor more thoroughly including the baseboards. Before you apply any water or wet products to your floor make sure you sweep to remove loose dirt and debris. Otherwise you will be gluing the dirt to the floor and making a greater mess for the next thorough cleaning.
My fridge
My fridge

The Area of Focus today is the Kitchen. Today is my trash day so I am going to take 5 minutes to find anything out of date in my refrigerator/freezer and put it in the trash. I don’t want to attract the attention of wildlife to my trash can by putting it out the night before but I don’t plan to make a career of removing the food from the refrigerator. One of the nice things about reducing clutter and being reasonably organized is that jobs that took forever now only take minutes. Of course, I already mentioned that today is floor day and my kitchen floor will get extra attention.
Have you looked at the time audit? One of the things you will see when you do a time audit is the days you usually do tasks like errands and grocery shopping. This is a part of your weekly routine.
A weekly routine saves time and money. Let your family know that you go to the bank, dry cleaners, post office, drug store and drop off at the Thrift store on whatever day. This can be the same day you do your grocery shopping but September through May I take part in my church’s Bible Study on Thursday morning. While I am out I run errands. My grocery store and a few other places like the local garden shop and the nearest outlet shopping center offer Senior Citizens a discount on Tuesdays so I take advantage of that discount and do my grocery and other shopping on Tuesdays. I try to avoid multiple emergency trips to stores because that uses extra gas, time, and money.
My Weekly Plan
Sunday—Church and Life Group—a quiet day for rest, friends, and family –I do not do laundry, vacuuming, shopping, or other errands. Sunday is God’s wedding ring on our week to remind us of our relationship to Him. I do make my bed, pick up after myself and do dishes. Sunday is a nice day to pamper myself by doing my nails or taking an extra-long bath. Sunday I look at the calendar, talk to my family about their plans, and plan my week.
Monday—clean toilets, check the bathrooms for any needed supplies and add those items to my shopping list. I also walk through my home and bring it back into order after the weekend. Monday is also the day I change our sheets and make sure the laundry, ironing and mending is up to date.
Tuesday—Duster Dance Day—put on some lively music and dust the flat surfaces in my home. In my area of focus I polish the furniture. I do my shopping on Tuesdays.
Wednesday—Desk Day—pay bills, bring any family business up to date, and file
Thursday—Floor Day—clean all hard floors with special attention to the floor in my Area of Focus. Bible Study at church and errands afterward.
Friday—Wrap Up the Week—make sure my car is cleaned out, make sure my purse is cleaned out and vacuum the traffic areas in my home, with special attention to the floors and other surfaces in my Area of Focus. My home is ready for the weekend.
Saturday—Family Fun Day—we would do a project together or plan something fun when the children were at home. If we did a project together I tried to have a reward afterward like pizza or a trip out for ice cream.
Add 15 to 30 minutes of decluttering, organizing, or deep cleaning per day Monday through Friday or Saturday and you are taking back your home from chaos.
Tomorrow is Friday, get ready to wrap up your week.


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