Every Friday—
• Is your car clean?
o Inside?
o Outside ?
o Trunk?
• Is your purse, diaper bag, tote bag, computer case or back pack in order and ready to go out the door?
• Vacuum the traffic areas of your home. This is not a thorough vacuuming but a quick once over for the places people walk. When your Area of Focus includes floors that need to be vacuumed or upholstered furniture, vacuum around, under, and behind as well as traffic areas.
We are finishing up in the kitchen. What needs to be done in your kitchen to make it less cluttered, more orderly, cleaner, and a more pleasant place to spend time in? While I do have mostly stainless steel appliances, my countertops are almost 20 years old and my floors are linoleum. My daughter who has granite countertops, tile floors and a more updated kitchen stayed at our house during a power outage at her home while we were in Utah. She told me that as she was leaving our home to return to hers, she turned and looked at my kitchen and thought how pretty it is. Love can make your home a prettier place. I love my 19 year old home and that love shows in the care I give to my home. I deeply appreciate all I have.

One of the most effective tools I have is my Master To Do List. This list is kept in my Household Notebook on the kitchen table.

Write down your purpose and your goal
Write down your purpose and your goal

There are need to do’s and want to do’s and should do’s floating around in your head—calls to make, projects to do, notes to write, cards to send, tasks, dreams, appointments to make and keep, and other thoughts nagging you.

Here’s how I started my Master To Do List years ago:
• I sat down and wrote down everything and anything I felt I needed to do.
• I reviewed the list and decided what I truly intended to do.
• I moved some items to a list I call Dreams and Future Plans.
• I sorted the rest of the list into Calls to Make, Letters, Cards, and Notes to write and send, Projects, Errands
• I added a few items to my daily list. When I had a few extra minutes I would review the list to see if there was a task I could quickly complete.
• I was amazed at how quickly I cleared my list! In the beginning it was pages long. After eliminating things that were not realistic goals for that stage of my life, the list was significantly shorter. Sometimes we just have to say no. The enemy of the best is often, not the worst, but the good.

Whenever I have not kept up with my Master To Do List I have been much less productive. Having the list and the positive reinforcement of crossing the completed tasks off the list makes a tremendous difference.

Use this in your life:

• Dump your memory onto paper.
• Review the list.
• Eliminate what you do not really need and want to do.
• Move future goals and dreams to a separate list.
• Break down the list and group like tasks together
• Add new tasks as they arise
• Cross off tasks as they are completed. This becomes a reward in itself.
• Review and refresh the list regularly.
• It is legal to add a task you’ve done just so you can cross it off the list. ☺
• Add one or a few tasks to each day’s list.



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