Friday, July 19, 2013, July Challenge—Cleaning Checklist for Your Kitchen. Friday is Wrap Up Your Week Day

Beverage Center
Beverage Center

Each Friday:
• Get all the stuff that doesn’t belong in your car out of your car—trash, clothing, toys. I am not talking about some toys and books you keep in your car to entertain your children. It is good to keep those in a container so you can put them away in the trunk when transporting friends or simply out of the way when not in use.
• Clean out your purse, diaper bag, computer bag or tote.
• Vacuum the traffic areas in your home
This is the last week day in your Area of Focus—Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. What can you do today to make these areas less cluttered, more organized, cleaner, more pleasant to be in, and more a restful and relaxing place?
imageKitchen Cleaning Checklist
• Are there any cobwebs? (M)
• Are the light fixtures and ceiling fan clean? (M)
• Are the windows and window treatments clean? (M)
• Is your refrigerator clean —inside and outside? (M) Are there fingerprints? (as needed) Are you using leftovers? (D) Do any items need to be tossed?(M)
• Is your freezer clean? (M) Are there any foods that need to be used before they go out of date? (M)
• Is your microwave clean inside and out? (M or as needed)
• Are your stove top and oven clean?(M or as needed)
• Are your drip pans or grates clean? Do they need to be replaced? (M)
• Is the stove hood and filter clean? (M)
• Are canisters and decorative items clean? (M)
• Are there fingerprints or other marks on walls, window sills and woodwork?(M)
• Are doors and door frames free of marks?(M)
• Are baseboards clean? (M)
• Are cabinet fronts clean? (M)
• Do your cabinets need to be put in order? (M)
• Is your under sink cabinet clean and in order? (M)
• Are your countertops clean and sanitized? (D)
• Is your sink clean and sanitized? (D)
• Are your floors swept? (D)
• Do your floors need to be mopped? (W or as needed)
• Are the dishes done and put away (D) Is the dishwasher empty?(D)
Have a lovely weekend with your family!

Have you planned something fun for your family this weekend? When was the last time you had a date night with your sweetheart? Don’t neglect your relationships. Before you know it your children are up and out. You don’t want to miss the time making memories as a family or find out you are strangers with the man you married when the last child leaves home. Nourish relationships—with God, your husband, your children, your siblings. Build friendships with your neighbors and the people God puts in your pathway. Relationships extend past this life. They are the best investments.


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