Memorizing Psalm 119
Memorizing Psalm 119

Are you about to run out of any personal, paper, or cleaning supplies? Do wait until you have used the last drop, or the last square of toilet paper, to put it on the list.
This Week’s Area of Focus (July 22nd to the 28th) —The Entry, Front Porch, and Dining Room. Spend 15 to 30 minutes a day in these areas.
• Declutter
• Organize
• Clean
• Make each area a place that says welcome.
Today’s challenge—When do you go to sleep? When do you get up?
When I was a little girl, one of the things I thought about adults is that they could stay up as late as they wanted at night. That may be true but we will pay a price in the way we look and feel as well as our mood and energy level.
Get a good start on your day:
• Get up at least 15 minutes before your family. That’s at least 15 minutes! That 15 minutes will give you at least the time to get dressed, brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your face, put on some moisturizer, and use the facilities.
• Add another 15 minutes for a Quiet Time. Beginning your day with worship changes your focus and changes your day.
Sleep needs are individual but most doctors agree that 7 to 9 hours per night are most beneficial. (Over 9 hours of sleep per night have been shown to have negative benefit.) For many people, less than 7 hours of sleep results in physical, mental and emotional problems such as:
• A greater likelihood of obesity due to increased appetite caused by sleep deprivation—higher BMI
• A greater risk of accidents including motor vehicle accidents
• An increased risk of diabetes and heart problems
• An increased risk of depression and substance abuse
• A decreased ability to pay attention or remember new information
Some of the challenges you are experiencing may be because of lack of sleep.
You know what time you need to get up. Back up 7 hours and know you must be in bed and asleep by then. Examples:
• If you get up at 7, be asleep by midnight.
• If you get up at 6, be asleep by 11.
• If you get up at 5, be asleep by 10.
If you are still not feeling rested enough, move bedtime back 15 minutes at a time until you do wake up refreshed.
In order to get up 15-30 minutes earlier
• Give up slavery to your electronics—television, games, and computer.
• Set up a time to go to bed.
• Turn off the electronics or at least use the sleep timer to turn them off automatically.
• Turn off the lights, and go to sleep.
Incidentally, having a clean and welcoming bed in a clean and orderly bedroom will contribute to more restful sleep.
Tomorrow— Do you have a cycle menu? and Tuesday is Duster Dance Day


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