Each Tuesday is Duster Dance Day—Dusting is one of many people’s least favorite tasks. Whenever there is a task you dread:
• Don’t use up energy avoid it. Get it done. Make a point of putting the task at the head of your To Do list. Do it quickly. Do it early.
• Set a timer and race the timer. See if you can set and break your own record.
• Consider what you can do to make it fun. Put on lively music. Be a little silly.
• Use tools that enrich your soul.
o If you hate filing buy file folders in a pattern you like or bright colors.
o Colorful tools are fun if they are well made and work but don’t add to the clutter by buying junk.
• Can you make it a game and involve the little helps in your home? If you make it fun and don’t tell your children that it’s work they may grow up actually enjoying it.
Today and Wednesday your Area of Focus is your bathroom(s). What can you do to make it spa like and welcoming? Clutter does not make an area spa-like so get rid of clutter.
When was the last time you washed your shower curtain or at least the clear plastic liner? Add some vinegar to the rinse water to help remove the soup scum. Wash the shower curtain with towels or other items. Place in the dryer for a few minutes and then remove and rehang straightening any wrinkles while the shower curtain is still warm and pliable.
Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Desk Day. Thursday is August 1. August 1st to 7th the Area of Focus is the Living Room/Family Room.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 29, 2013 Duster Dance Day—Challenge–Quit Putting Off the Unpleasant

  1. Although I follow a different housekeeping routine, I commend you for being so inspiring to all the “keepers at home.” Bless you , Mary.

  2. Thanks, Sage Brush, I appreciate your encouragement. It isn’t about all of us doing exactly the same thing at the same time on the same day. Many of us, including me, were not taught a cleaning plan, what needed to be done, how often, and how to get it done by our mothers. It’s easier to do the work ourselves but we have a responsibility to our God, to our children, and to our society, to teach. We have segmented our lives–children should learn academics in a school, children should learn faith in church. All of life is learning opportunities and experiences.Parents, even if we do not formally school at home, are the first and primary teachers. We do our children and ourselves a grave disservice when we do not recognize and accept this very special role.
    I do not want others to struggle, as I did, to learn how to care for my home. I want to elevate care of my family and care of my home. Work is what you make it. I can make it drudgery or I can pursue the aspects of my life by using skill and creativity. I don’t want to work just to tick one more thing off my list. I want to do it well. I want to get it done both quickly and well.
    So even if you don’t follow my plan to a “T” I hope to encourage and inspire you and all other keepers at home.
    All homes need to be kept. The question is will our home be kept in chaos or will we make our homes a nurturing, welcoming, joyous, and safe place to be.

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