Every Friday:

  • Clean out your car—anything that escaped your attention this week should find its way back into the house or into the trash. Take a damp cloth and wipe sticky surfaces. Does it need a visit to the car wash?
  • Clean out your purse, diaper bag, tote, backpack or computer case
  • Vacuum the traffic areas in your home.


Your Area of Focus from the 1st to the 7th is your Living Room/Family Room. Today while the vacuum is out thoroughly vacuum these areas—around, under, and behind.


What’s squirreled away in the drawers and cabinets in your living and/or family rooms?  Get rid of the junk, designate each space for a purpose and put it into order.


Well, everything is ready to go so I am about to have a nice dinner and set the alarm for 3:30 am so I can get to the airport for my 5:55 am flight.

My daughter has added walking the dog to my list of morning tasks. I am going to put that in after quiet time and before shower at about 6:30. That way I can get back, shower, and be upstairs waiting for the boys to wake before Summer and Paul head out at 7:30.


One challenge of not working outside the home (believe me I do not receive a salary but I do WORK) is feeling like we have endless time to accomplish things.  When I was functioning that way years ago, I would look at the clock and suddenly it was 4:30. The children and I were often still in our pajamas, nothing was done, and my husband would be home in less than an hour. I did not know where the time went.

I learned that I would function better if I created a schedule for myself and the children. It took a while but gradually I  developed a schedule that worked and I not only was dressed long before 4:30 but the house was cleaner, the meals were better, and I had time for things both in  and out of our home.

I hope you have done the Time Audit that I suggested the beginning of the month. Set goals. Set deadlines.  Train yourself to plan and think ahead and your life will be richer.


Keep me in your prayers as I travel today (Friday)




2 thoughts on “Friday, August 2, 2013 Wrap Up Your Week

  1. I agree with you about keeping to a strict schedule as a stay at home mom and wife. Some of my friends thought I was a drill sergeant because no one was allowed at the breakfast table until faces were washed, beds made, and proper attire for the day was donned.

    But as my children and theirs grew older – they found it was too late to teach their own teenagers those good habits which should have been instilled while in their preschool years. Hence – those teens were constantly late for everything, from school, to jobs, to church. Slovenly in every aspect.

  2. Good insight Sage Brush. If we teach our children from the beginning godly values, how to work, and self discipline both our lives and theirs will be easier. “With the world everything starts out so easy and ends up so complicated. With God everything starts out so complicated and ends up so easy.” Frank Perretti

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