Every Friday:
• Clean out your car. This does not mean you cannot clean out your car as you come and go throughout the week. This task will be easier if you remove the trash and take things to their homes inside your house each time you arrive home. I also look for trash when I fill up my car with gas. There are usually trash cans near the pumps. Your car is also not a laundry hamper so clothes need to make their way to the laundry instead of being left in the car.
• Clean out your purse. Same principle here. Friday is one day during the week when you can focus on making sure the bags (purse, diaper bag, computer bag, backpack, tote) you carry with you are in order. When I am waiting for someone in the car, I like to take time to put my purse back in order. When I arrive home from shopping or running errands, I like to put my purse and wallet in order. I hate to hold up the grocery line after paying so all too often I throw things in my purse or stick my debit card in a pocket instead of back into my wallet. Putting things back in order when I get back to the car or when I get home keeps me from forgetting what I did with it this time.
• Vacuum the traffic areas in your home. Just the traffic areas, ma’am.
Your Area of Focus this week (8th-14th) is your kitchen. While your vacuum is out, take it to the kitchen and look high for cobwebs. Run the appropriate vacuum brush over your curtain or valances—dust lands on them, too. Use the crevice tool to vacuum the coils under your fridge and get to places around, under and behind that you have difficulty reaching.
When was the last time you went through your plastic storage containers?
• Pull them out and match containers and lids. Unless you have a compelling reason like you know you have the lid but it isn’t in the cabinet right now, get rid of any orphans—lids or containers missing the other part.
• Nest or stack them so they will fit in the cupboard so you can easily access them without tossing the entire cabinet.
• Limit the number of containers with lids that you actually use. You do not need 25 butter tubs.

Laundry Area
Laundry Area

Families usually have at least a load of light, darks, or colored clothes each day. First thing each morning, get a load going and keep it moving from washer to dryer to folded and back home where it belongs. When our children were small it was usually 2 or 3 loads per day. I’ll never forget when I arrived home from the hospital after my youngest was born. My sweet husband had done the laundry but piled it all on the love seat as it came out of the dryer. It was a project to break the pile down into smaller load to go back in the dryer to get the wrinkles out and fold them when the cycle was through. Most dryers have either a refresh or wrinkle release cycle. When you fold or hang your clothes quickly after the cycle ends, they do look much better.
Having a great time and still working in the play room—I took my birthday off yesterday but still kept up with the boys, the dishes, and a load of laundry.


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