A stair step basket is useful  to hold the things that need to travel upstairs in your home.
A stair step basket is useful to hold the things that need to travel upstairs in your home.

Each Monday—Clean your toilets and check your bathroom(s) for any supplies you will need in the near future—personal, paper, and cleaning.
Our Area of Focus is The Kitchen through the 14th(Wednesday) then we will be working in our bedroom, en suite bathroom, and closet from the 15th through the 21st.
Each day spend 15 to 30 minutes in your area of focus and then maintain what you have accomplished. Bit by bit your home will become a more pleasant place to live as you get rid of clutter, organize, clean, and make the areas in your home better suit their purposes.
Consider what you do in an area and equip it for that purpose. Each area needs what helps to fulfill its function. Start where you are. Make a plan and list what you need and want to make the room/area what will work for you and your family. Write it down. Somehow writing out what you want to accomplish makes it more real, but then plan and act. I have found incredible things in thrift stores. You don’t have to shop high end and spend tons of money. The challenge of making a rich and nurturing place for family life can be a treasure hunt for you.
Each area should have a convenient place for trash to make it easier to keep the area clean. Empty it often or trash will still pile up in the room.
One of the biggest differences for me is the “Do it now” principle. I continually used to set things down until I had time to take care of it later. Then, something in me clicked and I started to do it now.
• Make my bed when I got out of it—if Roy is up.
• Put away my clothes when I take them off, if they are clean, or into the laundry, if not.
• Put away things as I finish with them in the kitchen—especially refrigerated items. Milk left sitting on the counter over night has to be tossed. ;-(
• Empty the dishwasher as soon as the dishes are cool enough to handle after the cycle so that you can put dirty dishes directly into it.
• When you are working in the kitchen, fill your sink with soapy water. Wipe down counters and wash utensils as you go. When you are finished cooking the kitchen is very close to clean and orderly.
• Put things near the door you use to leave your home. If you need to remember to take something with you, it’s easier to remember if it is right in front of you. We have a metal front door. If there are important papers or small items I attach them to the front door with a magnet.
To help me remember things I need to take out the door with me I use a magnetic bull nose clip on my metal front door. I need this "in your face" reminder or I may forget!
To help me remember things I need to take out the door with me I use a magnetic bull nose clip on my metal front door. I need this “in your face” reminder or I may forget!

• When you go up and down the stairs, save steps by carrying items that belong on the other floor with you. I have a stairstep basket for items that need to travel to the other floor. I either grab small items from the basket or the whole basket when it is full and take things where they belong.
• If I see something on the floor I pick it up. If there are spots or splatters I wipe them up with a paper towel or a cloth that is on the way to the laundry.
• Continually putting things off will keep your home in chaos. Do it now. Quit saving tasks for later.
• If you can’t do it now, make a firm appointment for later.
• If you need something to fulfill your task, put it on your shopping list. Then set a firm time to finish the task.
• My dad always said to us when we were growing up, “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.”
Tomorrow is Duster Dance Day. The Focus is on the Kitchen.
Having a wonderful time in Utah! We had lunch in my favorite garden for my birthday celebration on Saturday. After church yesterday we had lunch at an Irish Pub, went to the zoo, and then spent time in the outdoor pool at the gym.


2 thoughts on “Monday, August 12, 2013 –Launch Your Week and The Do It Now Principle

  1. We have two stairstep baskets. One for going up to the bedrooms, and one for down to the basement. They really help keep things tidy!

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