My fridge
My fridge

Each Tuesday Dust Your Home Do your least favorite tasks early in the day and save the time and energy you spend avoiding it.
Tomorrow is the last day with The Kitchen as the Area of Focus. What do you need to do in your kitchen to make it less cluttered, more organized, cleaner, and a more pleasant place to be.

Do you get up as late as you can or do you get a head start on your day. Do not stay up as late as you can, get up as late as you can. For those of us who work outside our homes, that is barely enough time to hit the shower, throw on some clothes, and drive by Starbucks drive through on the way to work for a cup of coffee. For those of us who work at home as full time wives and moms, that may be when the children are pounding on the door demanding breakfast, or the baby is screaming from the crib.
Your life will be so much sweeter and simpler if you begin to manage your schedule instead of letting your schedule manage you.
Begin the day the night before What can you do tonight to make tomorrow easier? If you are headed out the door, make sure everything you need is near the door. Purse, backpacks, keys, don’t waste time with a last minute search. You know what you need, get it ready.
In the kitchen: Set up the coffee.Set the table for breakfast. Pack lunches.
Lay out your clothes and your children’s clothes. Make sure they are ready to wear and appropriate for the weather and situation.
Do a before bedtime walkthrough to put your home in order so you can wake up to an orderly home.
Go to bed early enough to get a good night’s rest.
Get up 15 to 60 minutes earlier than you do now. Early enough to make your bed, pick up after yourself as you shower, dress, have quiet time, eat breakfast. and then proceed with your day.
If you get up earlier you can be intentional without being rushed. Live your life on purpose. Don’t move from emergency to emergency.
You do not have to live in chaos. As you learn to manage your home, your time, and your life, you will both be and feel more productive, more on top of things. Does that mean you will never mess up? No, I still make mistakes but they are no where near as disastrous and I usually discover them in time to deal with the challenges instead of feeling like my life is continually falling apart. You can do this. I am not special or unusual. You can have a clean home, clean clothes in the closets, food in the fridge and meals at the table, bills paid on time, and not look like you’ve just fallen out of bed.


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