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Each Monday, pull your house back together to launch your week. Sunday is my day of rest so I do my Sunday evening walk through on Monday morning. I like to wake up to a clean house but if any day is the exception it’s rest Sunday and hit the floor running on Monday.
Each Monday:
• Clean your toilets
• Check your bathrooms for any needed supplies—personal, paper, or cleaning and add those items to your shopping list
From the 14th to the 21st of each month our Area of Focus is the Master Bedroom, En Suite Bath and Closet. Spend an extra 15 to 30 minutes in your Area of Focus
• Decluttering
• Organizing
• Cleaning
• Making it functional and a thoroughly pleasant place to be
While you are cleaning the toilets in all your bathrooms today how about spending your 15 to 30 minutes in your en suite bathroom? Put away all the clutter that has crept out onto the vanity, back of the toilet, edge of the tub, or wherever you stash stuff in your bath. If you keep reading material in your bathroom, does it need to be gone through? Make your bathroom shiny and spa like. image
You will be working in your bedroom through Wednesday? What needs to happen to make your bedroom a lovely sanctuary instead of the final resting place for the junk in your home?
Don’t forget your closet. One rule I made for myself is one in—one out. In other words when I buy something new, I need to let go of something I already have. In the beginning when you are building a wardrobe, furnishing your home or stocking your kitchen you may not want to follow this rule but enough is enough. You will reach a point where you have enough jeans, tops, pajamas, underwear, or whatever and need to let something go to make room for that new find. There even is enough shoes—believe it or not.
This rule forces me to ask myself—
• What am I willing to give up?
• Do I need this?
• Do I truly want this?
Often I will ask the salesperson to hold the item for a few hours. If after I walk away I realize I don’t really want it—I have saved myself the time and trouble of returning it or letting it hang in my closet with the tags still on. I have also saved the money I would have spent on it.
One more thought—Pray about your purchases. Ask God to help you discern the answers to those want it/need it questions. Ask Him to help you find what you genuinely need that will be a blessing to you as you wear or use it. God knows you best and will help you be a woman who represents Him well, if you allow Him to.
The one in, one out principles applies to everything from toothbrushes to potato peelers, from purses to shoes to underwear to furniture to towels and sheets. Don’t keep accumulating. Let go of what you don’t need or use. Let go of what is worn out or unloved. As Niecy Nash says, “the hand that is open to give, is open to receive.
As I grow older I realize more and more that control is an illusion. We want to be in control because we fear what might happen if we are not. Again, it is an illusion.
I also realize that humility is a good virtue. All I truly am, all my gifts, abilities, and talents, and all I have are a gift from God. My successes are blessings, my failures priceless lessons. If my Lord and Savior could put off His limitless power and put on skin to be born as a baby and submit to parents and other authorities throughout His life, serving, constantly serving others—finally giving His life for my sin—for our sin, why can’t I put down my pride and serve others as I have been so well served.
The other day my husband wanted me to call our internet company because he is having problems with his computer. I was trying to explain that I am 2000 + miles away and there were questions I could not answer. He hung up on me! Well, of course, I was not going to call him back—not in an ice age! Then the next day after my daughter said something to me—I’m not even sure what—I decided that rather than wasting time being stubborn and unforgiving that I would overlook his grave error. I called him and chatted and did not mention that he had hung up on me—I let him off the hook. But then, how many times has Jesus done that for me. I find humility is something worth embracing. I don’t want to build myself up—I just want to say that there are a lot of things, past and present, we need to let go of. I want to live forgiven and forgiving.
Extra hugs for this long PS,image


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