Each Monday:
• If you did not do your before bedtime pickup on Sunday evening. Do a quick pickup throughout your home
• Clean your toilets
• Check your bathroom supplies to make sure you have the personal, paper, and cleaning supplies you need. Don’t wait until you’ve used the last drop of anything to add it to your list. It’s better to have backup than nothing at all.
The Are of Focus from the 22nd to the 28th is the Entry, Front Porch and Dining Room. Today we are in the Dining Room. What needs to happen in this room to make it less cluttered, more organized, and a lovely and pleasant place for family and friends to gather? Tomorrow is Duster Dance Day and you can dust and polish the furniture then.

My China Cabinet Display the things you like instead of just storing them
My China Cabinet
Display the things you like instead of just storing them

Michael is starting kindergarten today. I have grandchildren in all grades from kindergarten through college. We homeschooled for several years when my children were growing up. We homeschooled six weeks on and six weeks off year round. I loved the investment I made in my children. Whether your children attend public, or private school or school at home do you have your plans and routines in place for the year?
• Have a written routine for each child.
o What time will they wake up,
o What will they do after they wake up
• Make their bed
• Brush teeth and wash their faces
• Get dressed
• Eat breakfast
o With a 15 minute buffer built in, what time to each of these activities need to take place to get to the bus or school in a peaceful and relaxed way?
• Use an alarm clock, don’t rely on waking up on time. It’s useful to have an alarm clock for each person. You will have to check on them but give them the opportunity to get up and get moving on their own. You won’t be able to be with them forever, Mom.
• Set a good example for your children. Be prepared for mornings and have a plan to help everyone get out the door on time. Make your bed, eat breakfast, and get dressed.
• Talk to your husband and your children and be aware of all their plans so you can coordinate everyone’s schedules.
• Help them to begin their day the night before by choosing and laying out clothes for the next day.
• Set up your kitchen for making lunches. Store all the lunch making supplies together in a way that is convenient with the lunch boxes. Let children who are old enough make their own lunches.
• Make sure you have a place for backpacks, coats, and shoes that is convenient to the door you leave by.
• Set up a place for homework—a desk is best but knowing where and when they will do their homework will reduce stress on everyone.
• Keep duplicate school supplies at home both to use for homework and to replenish supplies as they are used at school
• Make sure you add school activities to your family calendar including early release days, holidays, teacher conferences, as well as, games, concerts, club meetings and other special occasions.
• Teach your children to set up and use their own calendar.
• Each evening have your child(ren) clean out and repack their backpack(s) with completed homework, signed notes, and money for lunches or other activities.
• Decide what you will do with school papers. Older students may want to keep them in a folder to review for tests and discard them when no longer needed. Artwork treasures and a few papers from each year can be saved in a box or accordion file.
• Be aware and involved wherever your children are in school. Communicate with the teacher and let the teacher know that you want to be able to keep up with your child’s progress.
• Pray with and for your child, for their school(s), and teacher(s).


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