Each Tuesday is Duster Dance Day. Dusting is among the most avoided of tasks so make it fun. Include your little ones. Equip them with their own duster and set them loose on baseboards and furniture legs as well as lower shelves that do not hold breakable items. Don’t forget to put on some fun and lively music.

Side note: if you start including your little ones in your household tasks when they are young and you make it fun, make it a game, they will not realize it is work and they will enjoy it.

Tuesday and Wednesday—the Area of Focus is the Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room. Define what takes place in each area—write it down.
Form follows function.
• How do you use each room in your home?
• Does each area contain what is needed for those purposes?
• If you read in an area, is the lighting adequate?
• If you are eating in areas other than the kitchen or the dining room, consider that food crumbs can attract pests to your living room, bedroom and other areas.
• When the children were small we had a large plastic tablecloth that we used for picnics in the living room. It’s not about never having fun but about taking care of what you have and making the best use of it.
• Have waste baskets in each room. Collecting trash from the waste baskets in each room is a good task for an elementary age child.
• Have night lights in bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. We have a lamp in our entry that is always on.

Today I pack to go home to Virginia. Please remember to pray for this white knuckle flyer. Michael started school yesterday and Nicholas returns to daycare this morning. I am so sad to be leaving them but eager to be home with my husband, my Virginia family, and friends.
I am going to spend the morning:
• Recording a storybook to leave here for Michael and Nicholas
• Making sure all personal business is up to date
o Pay September bills
o Getting some birthday gifts
o Calling Kobe on his 10th birthday
• Packing and doing laundry
• Gifting my daughter with one more housecleaning before I head out the door.

The Woman at the Well-Light of the World Garden-Thanksgiving Point. Jesus met her where she was.
The Woman at the Well-Light of the World Garden-Thanksgiving Point. Jesus met her where she was.
I am having lunch with Summer at my favorite restaurant—The Trellis at Thanksgiving Point and then, after taking her back to work, I am going to take a long walk in the garden by myself, taking time to feed the fish, and smell the roses.
Tonight I hope to read the storybook to my grandsons, tuck them in, and put my suitcase in the car so that tomorrow at 5:30 we can be headed to the airport without panic. Again, please keep me in your prayers. I have so many mixed feelings.


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