Wednesday is Desk Day--Pay Bills, Bring All Your Personal and Family Business Up to Date, and File
Wednesday is Desk Day–Pay Bills, Bring All Your Personal and Family Business Up to Date, and File

Each Wednesday is Desk Day
• Pay your bills
• Bring personal and family business up to date
• File – put papers you need To keep away in a way you will be able to locate them when needed. If you do not foresee ever needing them again, don’t keep them.
The Area of Focus for September 8th to the 14th is the Kitchen—
• Remove clutter
• Organize
• Clean
• Make your kitchen a pleasant place to be
Remember, the clutter needs to go before you organize. It will be much easier to clean once things are arranged in an orderly way. You need to clean before you attempt to decorate. Decorating a dirty room falls into the lipstick on a pig category.
Finally back in our earthly residence in beautiful Chester, Virginia. So happy to sleep in my own bed!
The challenges when coming home from a trip are:
Getting everything out of the car and into the house. I used totes to pack instead of suitcases. When I packed to come home I packed:
• One tote with the items we would need for our overnight stop and made sure that went into the trunk last.
• The dirty clothes were sorted by color and went into a second tote. That tote went directly to the laundry area and a load of laundry was started.
• Clean clothes went into a third tote that went directly to our bedroom and were put away.
• The bag with the toiletries went to our bathroom and were put away.
Dividing and conquering as we packed to come home made unpacking much quicker and easier.
My File Box for My Simple Filing System
My File Box for My Simple Filing System
When we arrived home the mail was again screaming for attention.
I did a quick sort according to type—bills, notes and cards from friends, magazines and catalogs, junk mail, and charitable solicitations. I went through each pile quickly –tossed the junk, shredded credit card solicitations, read notes from friends, paid bills, stacked the magazines and catalogs for later and this morning I was ready for the day with a house that will be cleaned on my routine schedule over the next week—floors tomorrow, car cleaned out on Friday, toilets cleaned on Monday, and dusting on Tuesday—I will just have to sneeze at the dust until then.
I have the most wonderful friends. My friend Cathy, welcomed me home with a bouquet of flowers, and two bags of groceries! She had messaged me when we were on the road to see when we would be home and shortly after we arrived she brought me dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, paper towels, bananas and a few other items that saved us a trip to the store our first night back. Beside being a delight to know, Cathy is one of the most caring and thoughtful women I know and I am so grateful to God for this gift of friendship.
We, especially me, have been away from home much of the summer. I had very little access to internet in Michigan, so I have been absent from here. Two trips to Utah that together took up about a month and a half, and a trip to Michigan to see my family, especially my aging father is dealing with Parkinson’s disease. As we traveled I got the news that a man who has been like a brother and is my among my husband’s closest friends, if not THE closest, was beginning hospice care. The next morning we got the news that Greg had graduated to eternity. Our beautiful daughter Amy represented our family, traveling to our old hometown of Hartselle, AL. Our hearts were so torn, knowing that God knew as we left for Michigan that Greg’s homecoming time had arrived. I was so happy to be with my parents and sisters but longed to share that time of saying goodbye with old and dear friends. As I left Michigan, I remembered that for those of us who believe Jesus our goodbyes here on earth are temporary and we will be together in a way we have never imagined sometime soon. We are born for eternity and the Lord has prepared a place for us beyond imagination. We get a hint as we look at the Garden in Genesis and at the City of God in Revelation. The relationships we share there will be without the baggage we had here on earth as we truly relate to each other with love, acceptance, and total forgiveness. I so look forward to seeing dear ones that I have known, and let down in ways I did not understand at the time and barely understand know. As I have matured I have come to regret and repent of so many stupid, thoughtless things I have thought, said, and done. I am grateful that we will be together again, and I long for those who don’t know my Jesus to come to know God as He truly is, beautiful beyond comprehension, totally good, totally loving, totally other. The best is yet to be.
Our daughter Amy stayed with one of my dearest friends while in Hartselle for Greg’s funeral. She arrived home after the viewing to find trail mix and water waiting for her as well as a framed picture of Amy with Pat’s daughter Julie that Pat had taken earlier in the day. Pat sent sourdough bread and honey butter home to Virginia to me and I am hoping to get it before my daughter eats any more of it. Pat also sent a cross stitch home with Amy for me to finish for her because friends do things like that for friends.
I laid out the elements of my life before the Lord while I was gone and asked Him what I was to walk away from and what I was to take up. I do not want to say God called me to do what He has not or to leave undone what He has called me to do. I do not want to use God as an excuse, especially when It’s what I want to do or not to do. I want to be the person God wants me to be even if He has to almost spiritually drag me kicking and screaming to His best for me. I have to let go of something I wanted to do for my own reasons and to embrace some things I was almost double minded about. You will continue to see me here because every time I thought of letting this go, God sent a sweet person with encouragement. I want to thank people who offer that encouragement and tell me that I make a difference. You are the sweet wind that God sends to give me inspiration for another day. Your kindness blesses me. Again, thank you.
Love and missed you hugs,
My very tired sweetie, after the two day drive home from Michigan. (Shhh! Don't tell on me!)
My very tired sweetie, after the two day drive home from Michigan. (Shhh! Don’t tell on me!)


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