Wrap Up Your Week Each Friday:
• Clean out your car
• Clean out your purse, backpack, computer case, diaper bag, tote bag or anything you regularly carry with you when you leave your home. You may have bags you put together for activities you no longer take part in—clean them out and put the bags and the supplies they hold back into service—office supplies back with your office supplies, cosmetics back with cosmetics, and so forth and so on.
• Vacuum your traffic areas. Your Area of Focus may need some vacuuming up in the corners, and around and behind like under your fridge and the tops of your valances. Remember, your Area of Focus gets special attention each day of its week.
imageDo You Have a Daily Routine?
Daily To Do List
• Declutter for 15 minutes Monday through Friday
• Work in Your Area of Focus Daily
• Make Bed—as soon as your bed is empty. If you are on an opposite schedule to your husband straighten the bed and turn back the covers instead of leaving a jumble for him to crawl into
• Breakfast—like your mom said—the most important meal of the day. You can set the table the night before (Good job to delegate)
• Vitamins/Medications Making this part of your routine makes it more likely you will take the meds you need.
• Exercise—better a short routine regularly than a fitness plan you never do
• Wipe Out Bathroom Sink—every time I use a sink I wipe it out and it’s always clean. I do give sinks some extra attention when the room is the Area of Focus

Laundry Area
Laundry Area
• Laundry—if there is a load of laundry get it started first thing in the morning and keep it moving all the way to put away.
• Dishwasher—empty your dishwasher as soon as the cycle is completed . Then load dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher instead of leaving them on the counter or in the sink.
o Start a Load and Run as soon as you have a full machine.
• Clear/ Wipe Kitchen Counters
• Clean Kitchen Sink—every time you use it. Did you know that some kitchen sinks are dirtier than toilets (EEWWW!) Wipe it out regularly and keep it clean and shiny
Each evening:
• Sweep Entry and Kitchen—usually in the evening after dinner
• Empty Trash—great job to delegate to a child. Collect from all the wastebaskets in the home and put it in the trash can outside
• Lay Out Tomorrow’s Clothes—knowing what you will wear tomorrow saves time in the morning. Check the weather and your calendar and select your clothes. Make sure they are clean and in good repair (zippers work, buttons on). Selecting your clothes gives you an opportunity to be a little more pulled together. Pick out your shoes and jewelry, too. Guide your children in doing this, too. A mom I knew had an organizer in her child’s closet with the days of the week stenciled on it. They selected the clothes for the next week together each Saturday down to the socks and underwear. Mornings were simpler in that home.
• Before Bedtime Walk Through – Before you go to bed take a quick walk through your home and put each room in order. It is so nice to wake up to an orderly home. You can have your child make putting their room in order and their schoolwork ready for the next day part of their evening routine.
imageWrite down your routine and put a copy in your Household Notebook. My clever and inventive friend Cathy included pictures and artwork and included the days she baked bread and did an daily routine for each day of the week that included her commitments outside her home.
In theBible, one concept of an enemy in the Bible is one who critically watches. Let’s not be an enemy but a person who gives grace because of the grace God has shown us.
If you are feeling low, recognize there is probably a reason. Give it to God. Put on some worship music and praise your blues away. When we focus on our problems they will bring us down but when we focus on our good God, He will lift you up.


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