Every Tuesday, Grab your favorite duster and quickly go from room to room collecting dust to liberate into the air in the outside world. Give special attention to your Area of Focus—Your Bedroom, Bathroom, and Closet. Polish the furniture in your bedroom and don’t return clutter to those clean surfaces. Select what occupies that valuable real estate on your flat surfaces. Limit the amount of items you display and dusting will be easier. Duster Dance including Picture Frames—watch for those little ledges.
Use the right equipment. Part of our frustration with dusting is using a duster that doesn’t work. If you have a chicken feather duster, walk directly to your waste basket and throw it out. Ostrich feather dusters are fun and work. Lamb’s wool dusters also work. Swiffers work well and get into the small spaces.

• Take one drawer, one shelf, one corner at a time.
• Don’t get discouraged, do what you can today and tomorrow, do a little more.
• If you push yourself to do too much you will begin to get sloppy. Take your time.
• If you want to do a little more and have the time, fine. Just don’t continue decluttering to the point where you are making careless decisions and end up going back and having to do it over again.
• Decluttering is an on-going process. You will get better at it each time through.
• You do not need anything broken, anything that makes you feel badly every time you look at it, anything that doesn’t fit. Even if the item has value or is useful for someone else, if you don’t need it, let go of it.
• Do not bless others with things they do not want and will not value. You may want to offer things to family members that may want them but if they do not, don’t press them.
• When you give something to someone be prepared to totally release it and allow the new owners to do as they please with it, including changing it or giving it away to someone else. If something is an heirloom, make it clear. My sister loaned me my grandmother’s silver-plate to use with her china for my lifetime. I am working to restore the wooden case it came in. The case hasn’t been polished for many years and was starved for oil.
• Whatever is in my care I have resolved to pass on in as good if not better condition.
• I prefer to give things to the ROC Thrift Store than to have a yard sale because I know it will help people in my community.

imageConsidering Titus 2:3-5
Similarly, teach the older women to live in a way that honors God. They must not slander others or be heavy drinkers. Instead, they should teach others what is good. These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure, to work in their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God. (New Living Translation)
First the older women, (like me)
Likewise, teach the older women to
• be reverent in the way they live,
• not to be slanderers
• or addicted to much wine,
• but to teach what is good.
Or in the NLT
Similarly, teach the older women to
• live in a way that honors God.
• They must not slander others
• or be heavy drinkers.
• Instead, they should teach others what is good.
Reverence is deep respect and reverence in the way we live is built around an appreciation of the character of God and His creation. God-created life is holy and precious. All of life should be lived with God-inspired regard.
• Honor God by having a reverence for all of life.
• Honor God-created relationships with your husband, children, parents, and brothers and sisters.
• Honor God by respecting marriage.
• Honor God by taking seriously the privilege of being a parent. Honor God by acting with integrity in all relationships.
• Honor God by loving and forgiving as He has commanded us.
• Honor God by making responsible and careful use of the resources He has given us
• Honor God by calling sin—sin. We do not get to make the rules. There will never be a right to do wrong. We cannot redefine right and wrong. No matter how we feel, if God has called it good, it is good. If God has called it wrong, it is wrong. Even if we or people we dearly love are involved, if God has called it wrong, it will never be right. Your sensitivity to the feelings of others or being afraid to stand for Christ for fear of offending others is not loving. It allows people to believe they can live as they choose and still spend eternity with God. That is genuine cruelty. One way sin is referred to in the Bible is as a trespass. Trespassing is crossing a boundary. Another way sin is referred to is as falling short of a standard or goal. There is a target and the goal is to hit the absolute center. When we miss that goal in even the smallest way we are coming up short of the standard. Sin is also knowing what we ought to do and not doing it. When we cross the boundaries God has defined for us, come up short of His standards for us or choose not to do the good that we know we should do, we sin. Jesus died for that sin—He took the rightful punishment on Himself. The Bible tells us how we cross the line, miss the mark, or don’t do what is right to do—it acts as umpire.
How else can we honor God with al we do and say—in all ways as we live?
Tomorrow—Desk Day, Use It or Lose it, and Slander
Mary P


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