Each Friday:
• Clean out your car—Every Friday clean out your car.
Someone did some true damage to the back panel of my car while it was parked in a parking lot. We had called the insurance company and it appeared we would have to pay the $500 deductible and rent a vehicle while it was in the body shop. We already had a service appointment at the Hyundai dealership so while Roy was there he checked with the service manager. They had a man who comes weekly to repair dings and dents. Roy made an appointment with the man. In about 4 hours, he was able to repair the car perfectly for $250. I cannot see where the damage was at all! Checking at the dealership saved us around $350 dollars or more.
• Clean out your purse, backpack, diaper bag, computer bag or tote.
In the case of both my car and what I carry when I leave my home, I like to try to keep up with them on a daily basis, but having a time each week when I make a point of making sure they are free of trash and items I don’t need keeps them from being drivable/portable garbage dumps/storage units.
The third regular task on Friday is vacuuming the traffic areas—just the traffic areas except in your Area of Focus—Your Bedroom, En Suite Bathroom, and Closet. Give that area a thorough vacuuming—around, under, and behind. This is your last day (unless you plan for a declutter/organize, clean session tomorrow) in your bedroom. What can you do to make it less cluttered, better organized, cleaner, and a lovelier, more pleasant place to be?
imagePace yourself. Plan your work and :
• Each weekend have an appointment with yourself and your family to coordinate your week.
• Be aware of times and places the people in your family have obligations so that transportation and whatever is needed will be prepared in advance. When you know your son is going to need a white shirt and navy pants for a concert on Thursday you can make sure those clothes are ready on Monday when you do laundry and ironing. When you know you need cookies or sandwiches for an event on Friday you can make sure you have the ingredients and the time to at least add the items to your shopping list for your regular shopping trip instead of adding a trip to the grocery store on the way out to that event. Planning can also give you the time to make the food yourself instead of buying premade. Save time and money!
• Block off time each day for the things that will maintain your life—Quiet Time with the Lord, Caring for your home, nurturing relationships. Make sure you plan your priorities first or the oppression of the urgent will force them out.
• Teach your family members to plan. I remember a sign on one of my favorite people’s work station. “Your failure to plan does not constitute my emergency.”
• During your family planning session make sure you get all events and activities on a centrally located calendar. When you get the school calendar at the beginning of the year write down early releases, teacher conferences, school holidays and other breaks. Make sure practices and games are on the calendar and whether they are home or away.
• Limit your family’s activities. People, especially children need some down time.
• Learn to say no with a smile. Again, don’t over obligate.
• Have a written weekly routine—Monday—bathrooms, laundry and ironing, Tuesday—dusting, Wednesday—paperwork, Thursday—floors, Friday—prepare for weekend, Saturday—Family Time, Sunday—Worship and planning with your family
• Have written routines for each part of your day and tweak them so you can flow from one activity to another.
• We overestimate how long it takes for most activities. Time yourself and you will be surprised at how quickly you can get most things done.
• While the coffee is coming out of the Keurig or brewing in a coffee maker or while the microwave is running, don’t stand there and watch them. Put a few things away. Look around for something you can accomplish quickly.
• Do your least favorite tasks first and get them out of the way. Procrastination can eat up a lot of time.
imageConsidering the Titus 2 Woman—Able to Teach
To be able to teach something :
• You must know and understand the subject well
• Teaching with passion requires a genuine interest in the subject. You enjoy what you do well and you do well what you enjoy.
• Seek excellence, not perfection.
• Always remember the end desired result. Know why you do what you do. I am not making my bed just to make my bed. I make my bed so my room will be lovelier more welcoming. I make my bed so it will be clean and comfortable. I make my bed because it is the largest flat surface in my room and once it has been made the entire room looks better. I hang up my clothes so they will look better the next time I wear them. I hang up my clothes because they are easier to find when they are out away. I hang up my clothes so I can actually sit on the chair to put my shoes on.
• Know what you believe and why you believe it. Examine your beliefs and search for answers. The best place I have found for most answers is the Bible. Read what it has to say in context. Some of the best instruction on relationships is in Ephesians 5 and 6.
• I am reading an excellent book on knowing what you believe by Josh Harris called Dug Down Deep: Unearthing What I Believe and Why It Matters. I highly recommend it and another book that grew out of it –Humble Orthodoxy.



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