I have posted my planner pages under the Files Tab.  This is how I have used these sheets for years.

How To Use The Planner Pages

Print and punch holes in the pages for the week and put into a notebook reserved especially for these pages.  Keep a calendar with enough space to note your family’s activities.

  • Each weekend take time to sit down and write all appointments on the weekly planner pages. There is enough space to write a telephone number in case you need to make changes to your appointments.

Each page contains:

  • The DAILY BIBLE READING with a chapter of the Bible to read each day and a Psalm for each Sunday is at the top of each page. If you only read 1 chapter of the Bible a day, you will read through the Bible in 3 1/4 years.
  • The center column is available for NOTES and MENU planning. I make notes of telephone conversations including confirmation numbers, who I spoke with about issues, any information that would help in future conversations.
  • Your daily chores are the core of what will keep your home in order each day. Check these items off as you do them.  They are a more powerful incentive than you might think.
  • TODAY’S ACTIVITIES will help you declutter your home and keep it clean all the time with a little effort. Please note that I consider Saturday to be family time and Sunday to be a day for worship, family and friends.  Cleaning and decluttering is limited to only what is necessary on those days.
  • The check boxes with lines next to them are for the things you want to add to your daily activities.  Some suggestions might be:  Schedule doctor’s or other appointments (include telephone number), feed pets, read with children, grocery shopping and errands, post office,  dry cleaning, drop off items at Goodwill, make calls, write thank you notes, send cards (a few days before occasions so they will arrive on time), library, desk time, water outside plants,  or anything that is unique to your schedule.
  • I use an Area of Focus/Zone approach to my home. Each area gets regular attention each month. 




Days of Month

Zone One

Living Room/Family Room


Zone Two



Zone Three

Master Bedroom and Bath


Zone Four

Entry/Front Porch/Dining Room


Zone Five

Family Bath

29-end of month


  • Make Bed: Your room will instantly look better and more inviting if you make the bed each morning. Sheets are easier to launder than comforters, blankets and bedspreads.  If you have only been using a bottom sheet and a comforter, consider adding a top sheet.  There are disgusting little critters called dust mites that feed on skin cells.  Washing your linens regularly with bleach and hot water will get rid of some of these little fellows.
  • Breakfast:  Breakfast is listed while other meals are not because we tend to skip breakfast more often than any other meal.  If you want to lose weight and stay healthy eat a nutritious breakfast.
  • Vitamins/Medications:  I don’t know about you but I forget regularly.
  • Exercise:  Same as above. Better a short routine you do regularly than a longer routine that you never do.
  • Wipe out bathroom sink:  If you wipe out your sink each time you use it, it will not need very much attention.  I keep a supply of white washcloths under my sink and use them to wipe out and shine my sink each time I use it. I put a fresh cloth out each day.
  • Laundry: I try to run a load of wash all the way through from the washer to the drawers or closet each day.  You will need fewer clothes and save time and money if you keep up with your laundry.
  • Sweep Entry and Kitchen:  If your kitchen and entry floors are kept clean a quick Swiffering once a week will do the trick. Otherwise, get out the ammonia.  Dirt will get ground into the floors and it will be a major project. Believe me, I know.
  • Dishwasher – Unload and Load and Run: If you will empty your dishwasher as soon as the dishes are clean you will be able to put dirty dishes into the dishwasher and keep your sink and counters clear.  When you begin to cook, immediately fill the sink with hot soapy water and wash the dishes as you go.  You can finish cooking without a major mess to clean up.
  • Clean/Wipe kitchen counters:  Keep your kitchen counters clear and clean and you will not be calling out for pizza quite as often.  A dirty kitchen discourages us from cooking.  Frankly, a dirty kitchen can discourage us from just about anything.
  • Clean Kitchen Sink:  I keep a towel next to my sink to keep it wiped out and shiny.  If you think your sink is beyond redemption got to http://www.Flylady.net and find the directions for shining your sink.  They have that project down and I believe in making use of great resources.
  • Empty trash:  An overflowing trash can doesn’t add to any décor and it’s harder to empty. I don’t like to do it either but I like a clean, fresh smelling home.
  • Lay out tomorrow’s clothes:  Laying out your clothes  the night before helps avoid that last minute panic when the clothes you want to wear are stained or need to be mended or you just can’t find what you intended to wear.  In case of emergency in the middle of the night, those clothes can be a real time saver.  Note:  Eventually, all the clothes in your closet will fit, be mended, wrinkle-free and ready to wear.  If you haven’t decluttered your closet that may not be true just now, but change is coming.
  • Before bed walk through: Before you go to bed, walk through your house and put dishes in the dishwasher, clothes in the laundry, trash in the trash can and things back in order.  It makes for a pleasant morning and only takes a few minutes. While walking through don’t forget to kiss and pray for your sweeties.
  • As you complete each chore and leave a room better than you found it take joy.  You are creating a better life for yourself and those you love
  • I am a Stay-at-home-wife and grandma.  I get up each morning, shower, and dress and get my daily chores and activities done.  Then I am free to serve, love, spend time with family and friends and meet whatever challenges the day brings.  It is always more pleasant for us and our loved ones to walk into a comfortable and clean home.  We didn’t get where we are in one day (unless you’ve experienced a natural disaster) and it will take time to develop the habits to live clean and clutter-free.  I don’t always feel like cleaning or any of the many things I do each day but developing the personal discipline to work even when you don’t feel like it will lead to joy in your life. Take joy in caring for yourself and your family and consider it a way to love and honor God.

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