ImageEach Wednesday is Desk Day

  • Pay your bills
  • Take care of personal or family business—phone calls to make? Emails to send? Letter, notes, or cards to get in the mail?
  • File—filing is simply putting papers away so that when you need them, you can locate them, in good condition. If you will never again conceivable need this paper the appropriate file for it is File 13 (the wastebasket)


Our Area of Focus is The Entry, Front Porch, and The Dining Room

Yesterday after thoroughly enjoying MOPS and getting to be a part of a panel on relationships with in-laws, I got to have lunch with some of my favorite ladies and ran into my neighbors, and some other sweet friends. What a lovely day! Then my sweet husband took me to Michael’s (craft store) where all the items I needed to make my fall wreath were on sale. Here are the pictures of my simple front porch transition to fall.

Ready to Make My Fall Wreath
Cut the silk flowers apart with a metal snips
Voila! My New Fall Wreath!


A mix of silk and real flowers and foliage. We placed it on a red plastic tray so we can water the plants without water going all over the place.
Close up of the wreath
We changed out our cushions from the floral to striped cushions we use on the back deck during the summer.



Considering Titus 2—Loving our children


Sometimes loving our children is so easy, but there are moments! It’s a challenge to remember that parents need to parent and not try to be best buddies all the time. Why? Because your child more often needs a mom who will teach them, and give them guidance they will not want to hear. I cannot count the times I have felt like a failure but when I look at all my children I can’t help but feel I did some thing right and God was guiding and shoring up my feeble efforts.

You have to let your children hate you sometimes because you will get in their way—their way into the street, to the electrical socket, to the walls with a marker, to the mall with a credit card,  just plain in the way of what they want to do. When they have children, it will be an eye opener. Until then, we will just have to let them think we are mean spirited, unreasonable, hateful people—and love them through it.

Bottom line: loving your children means teaching them  both how and why in every thing from biblical values, to making a bed to cooking, to changing the oil on the car, to dressing appropriately, and on and on. To teach them how and why we need to know how and why and so we dig and study and learn to exercise self discipline in our own lives so we can convey it to them. Speak kindly but firmly. Try hard to stick to your guns when you know you are right. Learn to tell them when you mess up and apologize. Model respect to them and expect respect from them. Do the best you can with what you’ve got and pray, pray, pray.





2 thoughts on “Wednesday, September 24, 2013—Desk Day, Front Porch Transition and Titus 2—To Love Our Children

  1. I remember seeing lovely sketches and pictures of porches and longing to have a porch like that. Bit by bit we have gotten there.This makeover from summer to fall cost less than $75. I have enough flowers left over for the back deck, entry and dining room. Thanks as always for your encouragement. You are indeed my sister in Christ.

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