Each Thursday is Floor Day—Mop your hard floors. Remember, we do this weekly so get in there and get it done. Give special attention to any hard floors in your Area of Focus—My Entry and Dining Room are hardwood so I will take a few minutes to make sure the baseboards are clean as well as the floors.


The Area of Focus—Front Porch, Entry, and Dining Room.  I made a trip up to my attic for my fall décor that I bought on sale at Cracker Barrel a few years ago. I found something fun and pretty for the right price. I always check the sale corner at Cracker Barrel. I have found lots of things I did not want to pay full price for but was so happy to have for a fraction of full price. I especially love 70% off. Do not buy anything you would not buy otherwise just because it’s on sale. Remember, you need to really like it or really need it, preferably both. Pictures of the entry and dining room tomorrow, I promise.


ImageCardboard People—Don’t just look on the surface at people. Each person has a history. Each person has had dreams and hopes—some fulfilled, some lost forever. Don’t look just on the surface. I remember a heavyset woman I met that wore Polyester!!! I was in my 20’s and judging her by her weight and her clothes was ignorant on my behalf. I later found her to be intelligent, kind, compassionate, and a great person to know and have as a friend.  If I had not had the opportunity to look below the surface, I would have missed a person who has really influenced me and made me better for knowing her.

Your in-laws are people. It takes time to get to know them. They love their child, and they don’t want to lose the relationship with him.  They may be mature and reasonable or they may just plain miss it . Sometimes the younger person may have to be the adult in the room and give grace and forgiveness while working to create and build relationship. As a mom and grandma, I am grieved at the empty places around my table on special occasions. It hurts to let go of being the place everyone gathers. I want my children and grands to have their family life and develop their own traditions but I miss them. I do not enjoy being alone on holidays and it is hard to simply be a guest among others including the other in-laws. I am blessed to have in-laws on the other side of our daughters’ marriages that I really like. Still, I miss my children. It is hard to stop being a mom, my heart doesn’t know how. 

Please start to look deeper at all people and consider their motives. It takes time to develop trust, and relationship. Meet others where they are. The most effective way to “fix” other people is not to argue with them. You influence, not fix, people, most effectively, when you model good behavior. Extend the grace God has given you to others. It is a kindness to your spouse to treat his family well, especially when you don’t believe they deserve it. Be a lady, a grown up lady. If nothing else improves, your attitude will and your conscience is clear, knowing you have done what you could.


ImageConsidering Titus 2—Train the Younger Women to Be Sensible

As I looked at this Scripture in different translation, I wanted you to see the different words used to describe the same quality:


NIV—To be self-controlled

New Living Translation–to live wisely

English Standard Version–to be self-controlled,

New American Standard Bible –to  be sensible,

King James BibleTo be discreet, —

Holman Christian Standard Bible—to  be self-controlled, International Standard Version—to  be sensible

NET Bible–to be self-controlled

GOD’S WORD® Translation–to use good judgment,

Jubilee Bible 2000–to be temperate,

King James 2000 Bible–To be discreet,

American Standard Version—to be sober-minded,


There were more translation that repeated the same words but you get the picture. We need to both know and do as well as share with others how to exercise self control, exercise discretion, to live wisely, to be sensible, to use good judgment, and to be sober minded.

We need to be clear in our thinking and do what is right even when it is inconvenient. Do what is right because it is right and do it right. Dirt settles, cream rises. We are NOT dirt. We will choose to be cream and get up off our posteriors and do the right thing.

Wisdom is knowledge applied appropriately. The best source of wisdom is God’s word.  Spend time there especially in the epistles and Proverbs. 

Incidentally there are people with Mensa level intelligence that don’t have a lick of sense. Don’t be intimidated. Wisdom beats knowledge hands down. Wisdom applied with love beats everything.




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