Each Friday:

  • Clean out Your Car
  • Clean Out Your Purse—or backpack, tote, computer bag, or diaper bag
  • Vacuum your traffic areas—this is a quick run through your home EXCEPT in Your Area of Focus—Your Entry and Dining Room (I don’t know about you but I don’t generally vacuum my porch) In your entry and dining room do a more thorough vacuuming. Move the chairs. Vacuum the tops of your window frames and curtains. Get under, around, and behind to get those dust bunnies, crumbs, and the dust that invade your home.


This is the last day in your entry, front porch, and dining room. Take time to make it a little less cluttered, a little more organized, a little cleaner, and a little prettier. On Monday, it’s time to make our family bathrooms/powder rooms shine—Only one day this month so get ready to move! I promised pictures of my entry and dining room with fall décor but it’s still really dark so I will post them later today. I am so enjoying the front porch and my sweet husband has been replacing some warped and rotted slats and boards.  Maintain your home for yourselves. Don’t fix it up just when you need to sell it. 

Tomorrow is Family Day and two of our grandsons (13 and 10) will be here so we are going to make candy/caramel apples.  

The Kitchen Table Prepared for Dinner with the Grands

How Can My Children Help Around the House?


First of all, you cannot suddenly ask a 9 year old to know how to help when they have never been taught.  I mentioned having your babies begin to help from the time they are very small. Hand the toddler the diaper you’ve just changed, lead them to the waste basket and let them drop it in. Give your babies small simple tasks. We used to sort laundry by color when my children were very small. Little ones love feather duster and love to dust the low places like furniture legs, baseboards and other places their height puts them closer to. Teach them and make it fun from the beginning.

Here’s my list:


3 Year’s Old Can:

  1. Get dressed
  2. Help mom make bed
  3. Put away pajamas
  4. Brush teeth
  5. Comb/brush hair
  6. Empty wastebaskets
  7. Sort laundry
    1. Fold small items like washcloths
    2. Fold clothes
    3. 10.  Match socks

11. Help clear the table

12. Help load the dishwasher, pick up toys.


Five year olds can do all the above and

  1. Set table
  2. Clean the bathroom sink,
  3. Help clean and straighten drawers and closets
  4. Feed pet
  5. Clean up after per
  6. Dust
  7. Vacuum
  8. Help put groceries away.


Seven year olds can do all the above and

  1. Empty trash,
  2. Sweep walkways
  3. Help in the kitchen
  4. Help make school lunches,
  5. Iron flat items like handkerchiefs and pillowcases
  6. Clean out the car.


Eight year olds:

  1. Clean mirrors
  2. Clean windows
  3. Wash floors in small areas
  4. Clean/polish shoes


Add responsibility as your child demonstrates ability:


Older children can:

  1. Prepare dishes for dinner like salad or dessert
  2. Clean refrigerator
  3. Iron
  4. Help with grocery shopping
  5. Wash car
  6. Mow lawn
  7. Do yard work
  8. Paint.


You are training your child for life. Work with them while they are little.


Zig Ziglar said: Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can do it well. Be gentle and teach them from babyhood. Make it fun and they will always think work is fun


ImageConsidering Titus 2—Purity

Do you have a godly attitude in all you do? What words come out of your mouth? There is no place in the mouth of a godly woman for cursing and foul language. It does not matter how provoked you are. The one thing I used to love about the character of Julia Sugarbaker in Designing Women was her ability to tell someone off so beautifully they thought they had been blessed. Cursing and foul language only demonstrate a lack of vocabulary.

What do you choose to read and watch? None of this is a mystery to the Lord. He is with us all the time. If you were suddenly to see Jesus standing in your doorway would you be embarrassed?

He also sees what is going on inside your head. Are your attitudes and thoughts loving and clean?

I would rather error in the direction of kindness than to be mean spirited.

How about the way we dress? I was frankly in my 50’s before I realized that it was not an appropriate goal for a Christian woman to be hot. Wear clothes you can be comfortable in and not have to be tugging at the hem or pulling up the neckline. Save the skin for your husband’s eyes. Be modest. Don’t aspire to creating sexual interest in you by men that are not your husband. We do not realize how little it takes for men to feel attraction to put it politely. Let’s be ladies and act, speak, and dress appropriately for a woman who loves God.


A woman of purity displays that purity in thought, attitude, actions, words, and dress. We are pure from the heart—purely in love with God.




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