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While I lead a study – Getting Grounded as a Believer, I recognize that I have to be fed spiritually daily. I cannot share from an empty heart.  So each morning I take my heart to the Lord and His Word so that I can begin my day focused on Him. I am participating in Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon study with other ladies from my church—Gideon—Your Weakness, God’s Strength. At 64, I don’t want to quit growing in any area of my life. I want to be intentional on exposing my heart and mind to godly women so that I will be encouraged and motivated to become more and more like Jesus.

The first thing I saw this morning in the daily homework was already on my heart—First things, first. IMG_0351

First thing first speaks to me about priorities—knowing what is most important to me in this or any season of life. Do you know your priorities? Have you written them down?

First thing first speaks to me about my day—moving quickly to my Quiet Time so that my heart and mind are focused on my Lord first thing and then throughout the day. Have you made Quiet Time a priority in your day?

First thing first speaks to me about evaluating what I have to do and moving the most important to the head of my list. Especially when the most important tasks are things I do not like to do, do not want to do, it is important to just go ahead and get them done instead of wasting time avoiding them.

When God is first place in my life, my focus is on Him. My prime focus is not people or problems or people I think are my problems. Ephesians 6:12 tells us that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood but with powers, principalities, rulers of dark places, and spiritual forces of evil. My battle is not with my husband or the President. My battle is not with my child or my co-worker. My battle is not with any person or earthly organization or the people in the shadows behind them. My battle is with spiritual forces opposed to the Lord. And my battle is His battle. (1 Corinthians 15:57; Deuteronomy20:4; 2 Chronicles 20:17; Proverbs 21:31)

We tend to focus on the problem and on people. God wants us to focus on Him. When we focus on the Lord and His ability—the challenges of our life shrink. When we focus on problems it seems they fill our vision until we see nothing else. When we focus on other people and what they do or don’t do—we become discouraged. When we give both problems and people to God, He is able to transform situations and work in people in ways we do not expect. He has transformed me. Why am I faithless in thinking nothing will ever change? “Me”—my attitude, words, and actions, may be what is standing in His way. So I take myself to Him and I ask Him to change my heart, to change me, to change my perspective, my vision.  I submit, I yield, to the Lord. And something so incredible begins to happen—transformation.  Me, my heart, my life all change as He puts His firm but gentle finger into those places that need His changing touch. God tailors His work in us to the right thing, the right place, at the right time. Present yourself, Woman of God, to Him and pray “Lord, change me.” He does the best heart surgery!

On the Practical Side

Courtney Joseph’s book Women Living Well came out on Tuesday. I have been enjoying it a little at a time and she has reminded me of things I have done in the past and put a new twist on them.

Courtney speaks of prayer walking. I have prayer walked in my neighborhood before. Courtney prayer walks in her home as she does her daily tasks. I love this idea and adopted it this morning.

  • As she makes her bed she prays for strength for the day and thanks God for her resting place
  • As she makes her husband’s side of the bed, she thanks God for her husband, and prays for his needs for the day. The same is true as she works with her children—she is praying for them and thanking God for them.
  • As she moves through her home, taking care of the routine tasks of the day she turns them into opportunities for prayer and praise. She expresses thanks to God for the clothes she is putting into the washer and dryer. She thanks God for His work in those who wear the clothes
  • As she works in the kitchen she thanks God for His provision.

How can you walk in prayer throughout the day? Can you see what we have to be grateful for? Can you continually bring the needs you encounter to the Lord in prayer? Is your conversation with the Lord ongoing throughout the day?

Courtney also talks about using prayer journaling to keep her thoughts focused during her Quiet Time. She writes her prayers. I love to prayer journal and love to go back to old prayer journals to see my heart at different points in my life.

Well, time to go share coffee on the porch with my sweetie. I think I may need a jacket this morning.

The Samaritan Woman at the Well was not a Proverbs 31 woman but do you think she may have become one after meeting Jesus? Jesus changes everything
The Samaritan Woman at the Well was not a Titus 2  or Proverbs 31 woman but do you think she may have become one after meeting Jesus? Jesus changes everything

God is working in me and you, making us fresh and new each day. Take your eyes off your challenges and focus them on the One who will knows and gives the answers.

Love and hugs,



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