imageAnother Friday! Where does time go? Remember the tasks for each day and the Area of Focus until Tuesday are in Monday’s blog.

Change begins from the inside out. If you have an organizer, a decorator, and/or a cleaner come into your home, within 6 weeks things will be back in the same condition unless the change happens in you first. The greatest change in me came after I recognized Jesus, not as my fire insurance, but as the Lord (the Boss) of my life. It’s been 34 years (last Tuesday) since the day I gave up on my self-improvement projects and turned this beautiful mess over to Jesus. He is definitely still working on me but I am not the same person I was then.

Even though I would like to imagine otherwise, I am very ordinary. Anything extraordinary in me is simply Jesus. I am a mess simply made beautiful by Jesus. If that is not true of you, it can be. Take your focus off the people and situation that you think are your problems and place them firmly on Him. He will give you beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning. (Isaiah 61:3)

IMG_0194Earlier this week we talked about eye infections—our failure to see ourselves and others with God’s eyes. Are you beginning to see yourself, Woman of God, through God’s eyes? Daughter of the King, in Him you are a person of worth, strength, dignity, and beauty. You are lovely in His eyes. Now look with His eyes for the beauty in others that is there. Yes, they are messed up. Yes, they grieve us BUT GOD . . can/will make all things new. He transforms people. He transforms situation. You do what you are supposed to do

  • Act with grace, dignity, and forgiveness in the lives of people He has given you to love.
  • Be a thermostat, not a thermometer.  Do not simply measure the temperature in your home. Set the temperature.
  • Develop a sense of humor. Jesus has a sense of humor.
  • You are Jesus’ representative in the lives of the people around you. It would be nice if those people were the same back to you BUT if they are not, until they are—you do what you are supposed to do. Their bad attitude is not an excuse for yours.

As usual, when I am pointing one finger at you, I am pointing three back at myself.

Always Go Here For Your Answers

IMG_0371How can you know who you are in Christ? How can you know how to respond? How can you receive that gentle correction and encouragement? Get up early, grab your Bible and dig in.

  • We have His Word. I am so excited when I see the women who are studying with me, digging in and learning to read and study the Bible.
    • I love it when they look for the whole counsel of the Word of God on a subject—not picking and choosing verses to fit personal agendas.
    •  It is so good to learn to see what God is teaching us on any subject in context. I do not know who said it but,” A text out of context, is a pretext,” has rattled around in my head for years.
    • The Priscilla Shirer study of Gideon is such an encouragement and inspiration to me as I study each morning. I am eager to grab my Bible and hate to stop at the end of the lesson. If there is no study group in your area, you can buy the book and get the downloads for each session for about $5.00 each at The resources we have available to us online now amaze me! We are without excuse.

We stand accountable before God for rightly handling His Word. We are to conform ourselves to His Word and not His Word to our personal opinion. For years, I did not realize that my greatest idol was my intelligence, my viewpoint, my opinion.  I worshipped “Me.”

Come on, Woman of God, let’s change our world—our selves, our marriages, our relationships—by finding out what God’s Word says about us, our relationships, and other people. Get our focus off our challenges and onto the One who leads us to be overcomers.

Again, the change in our homes has to begin with us. We cannot change other people. We can only change ourselves and then the only true change comes as we allow God’s Holy Spirit to work in us. Declutter your heart and your head. Organize your thinking with His Word. Decorate your soul and spirit with the beauty of His Word.  The inner renovation will begin to make you more beautiful than you could have imagined from the inside out.


Monday will be our last day in October in our Living and Family Rooms. I am working on one small area of my home each day this month. IMG_0420I showed you our coat closet on Tuesday. Wednesday I straightened the area under my Powder Room Sink. Thursday was a busy day for me—two Bible Studies—one leading, one participating , and a meeting. For Thursday I will count the work my sweet husband did on our screen door. He took down the door, power washed it, and put in new screening. Today, I am going to look at the drawers in the table that holds our television and move some of the books and papers that have crept from my office to the living room, back to the office.  I tend to develop nests with my books and papers that can get pretty messy.

My Parameters

When I decided to blog on all things faith, home, and family years ago—long before the blog on this site, I realized that many women would not have a great deal of financial resources. I determined to

  • use what I had,
  • to shop sales
  • to make use of thrift and consignment shop
  • to try to use solutions that were affordable to most people
  • to do the work ourselves when we could—I have a very handy husband

This has worked out well for us because we are retirees and my husband has two expensive hobbies—golf and his boat. Our home is a simple family home but I love it because we have put more of ourselves into it than money. The down side is that Roy says it’s more comfortable to him than any B&B so there go my travel plans.

Invest yourself in creating a home for your family. Invest in giving them direction toward a life well lived—a life of faith, home, and family.

Love and Hugs,



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