How Can I Get More Done in Less Time? Here’s some strategies that work:ImageUse a Timer:  Using a timer helps us focus. You will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in a a focused 5-20 minutes.

  • The most productive pattern to use when cleaning is from top to bottom. When you move from top to bottom you are knocking dirt down onto dirty surfaces instead of clean. Work your way out of a room from the farthest corner to the door. You can also use a pattern that begins at the door and works around the room left to right or right to left, your preference.
  • While I am showering I go over my shower with a net scrubby. I rinse the shower and myself and then both I and the shower are clean. This is fun for your kids, too, let them scrub their way out of the tub or shower.
  • Declare the time when a commercial comes on as Pick Up Time–Yell “Pick Up!” as the commercial begins and everyone scrabbles to see what they can put away in the time the commercials are on television. Everyone wins!
  • Pick a number, any number.  Have daily pickups  when you pick up that number of items.  Start at the door people enter your home by. Pick a number, in the beginning it might be a higher number like 20. Pick up and put away that number of items. When you can’t find any items in one area, move on to the next. Gradually you will be able to adjust the number downward. In fact, I only do this occasionally now because I’ve done it for years and can’t find things to put away most of the time. Which leads us to the last point for the day:
  • Pick up after yourself. Hang up your clothes when you take them off. Don’t leave coats or shoes or purses to be put away later. Do it now!

ImageTitus 2—that they will not bring shame on the name of God

Titus 2:5 c Then they will not bring shame on the word of God.

The first time I read this, years ago I remember feeling that it cut me to the heart. God’s name, His reputation could be put to shame by my behavior, my words, my attitude. I do not want to be a woman who pushes people away from God by what I do. Does our attitude draw our husbands, our children, or other people closer to the Lord or push them away?





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