IMG_0435Yesterday began with a nice quiet time. I studied, I memorized, I wrote my letter to the Father. Then as I was putting my post together, life hit and went downhill from there. A good friend picked me up and gave me very good counsel, but sometimes even when you know others are right, your heart still hurts. I want so much for people I love to have good, productive lives. When things are not going well for people I care about, it’s harder than when things are not going well for me. I was teaching my last lesson with the ladies in my group, and that added to my sadness for me by itself.

My memorization came from Psalm 119–two of the verses fit my heart–“I lie in the dust, Revive me by Your Word.” (vs. 25) and “I weep with sorrow, Encourage me with Your Word.” (v. 28)  I saw in those verses that my encouragement, my strength would come from God’s Word. So early this morning (Yes, I should have done it yesterday.) I dug in and found my encouragement in God’s Word. I went to visit a friend who had surgery. I had lunch with some friends, and then I baked a cake and took it to some friends who have guests. My heart is satisfied. I am out of the doldrums because I did not stay focused on myself and, instead,

  • Spent time in God’s Word
  • Got my attention off myself and spent time with friends
  • Did something nice for someone else (baking and sharing the cake)

If I had hidden as I felt like doing, I know I would still be feeling blue. If you are discouraged and depressed, try getting your focus off yourself and on Jesus, spend time with pleasant people, and find something nice to do for someone else.




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