My Roy
My Roytime 

Tuesday morning I had MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) I am a Mentor Mom. I got up, had my Quiet Time and went up get ready. My sweetheart was in the bathroom. I folded some clothes and made the bed. My husband was still in the bathroom. Once upon a time, I would have gotten irritated with him. God has been working on my heart over the past several months.  He had been speaking to me about people being in MY way. I have realized that I do not have a deed to space and my rights do not supersede the rights of other people.  Instead of getting irritated, I governed my disposition and maintained my sense of humor. When I knew I could wait no longer, I knocked, entered the bathroom, and turned on the shower. I gently told him that I needed to get ready. With a gentle attitude instead of an irritated and demanding attitude, my 77 year old husband pinched my posterior! (I pinched him back on his way out of the bathroom.) I was running late but my clothes were laid out, everything I needed (purse, phone, and keys) was by the front door, and my car had a full tank of gas.

When I plan my day I plan when  to leave, building in a buffer for traffic, and husbands in the bathroom—in another stage of life it might have been a last minute dirty diaper . I write the time I am hoping to leave the house in parentheses on the calendar. When I left my house,  I was running several minutes behind. With the built in buffer I still arrived at church for MOPS with minutes to spare before I needed to help check the children in at the Tiny Town (the nursery) .

Part of governing my attitude included driving to church with a calm spirit.  I realize that getting angry and upset because things are not going my way just plain does not work or make sense.  It puts other people and even myself in danger.

Take away from this:

  • Life is much more pleasant when we govern our attitudes and realize that no one died and made us queen.
  • Build time into your schedule to deal with emergencies. I promise you will find ways to use time that you end up not needing, like having time to talk to other people, or a few extra minutes to read, or time to sit down, close your eyes and put your feet up.
  • We can govern our attitudes. We can choose how to respond to situations. We can choose to treat other people well, even when things are not going our way.

It works, I promise you!




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