Keep your counters clear and your dishes done. Empty your dishwasher as soon as the cycle is over and put dirty dishes inside instead of leaving them in the sink.
Keep your counters clear and your dishes done. Empty your dishwasher as soon as the cycle is over and put dirty dishes inside instead of leaving them in the sink.

Someone I know called us to say that the person who normally watches her child after school was busy and couldn’t be there. Could we meet the bus and by the way, ignore the dishes.  Her dishwasher is waiting to be repaired. She had not been home the night before and leaves the house before her husband so dishes from two breakfasts , and one dinner, were piled in her sink.

Knowing how busy she is, I grabbed my dishwashing liquid and a towel and headed to her house. Both sides of the sink were stacked to overflowing. The garbage disposal was buried under the dishes.

First, I sorted the dishes,

  • Glasses
  • Flatware
  • Plates, dishes, bowls
  • Pots, pans, and utensils.

I washed out the sink, put scraps down the disposal, and filled the sink with hot soapy water.

Beginning with the glasses and flatware. I cleaned off a place on the counter and washed and rinsed the glasses and put them on the counter to air dry. Then, the flatware, followed by the plates and bowls.

I drained the sink and refilled it with hot soapy water. While the pots, pans, and utensils soaked for a few minutes, I dried and put away the glasses and flatware, as well as the dishes. I wiped down her counters, and stove top and put the spoon rest in the soapy water. The pots and pans were quickly dealt with and dried. This was a gift to her. A gift of time and one more nagging task off her long To Do list.

Let’s face it. Sometimes the cook doesn’t want to take time doing dishes. I like to fill the sink with hot soapy water and wash bowls, pots, pans, and utensils as I cook.

When there is a functioning dishwasher, emptying it as soon as possible makes it possible to load dishes directly into the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink or on the counter.

Two  more important points:

  • After each use spread towels and dish cloths flat to dry or a rod or even the back of a chair. Bacteria will multiply quickly in wadded up towels and cloths. Sponges need to be washed regularly and sanitized as well.
  • Keep your sink clean and washed out. One study I read said that some kitchen sinks are dirtier than toilet bowls (ewww!)

Making Memories

Dad and Mary--my wonderful parentsMy dad is celebrating his 85th birthday in a few weeks. He has Parkinson’s disease. We have a large family (7 children, 4 step-children, and numerous, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) Remembering and keeping us all straight is a challenge. My parents are not online at all so they don’t see the pictures shared on Facebook or other places. For Dad’s birthday I have been collecting family pictures (old and new)from all my siblings and I am putting them together as a memory book. There will be birthdates, addresses, and phone numbers for everyone. My biggest challenge is printing some pictures from the internet. I am fairly tech savvy for my age group but there are still challenges.  This is not about me but about my dad and his family so even though the return address will be mine, the gift is from the family.

Shopping Online

Staying out of stores can save money by avoiding those impulse purchases. I am a reader so I got Amazon Prime which gives me two day shipping for free.  I have begun shopping on Amazon and staying out of stores as much as I can. The prices have been competitive to say the least. I do compare prices. We needed books for a Bible Study. The list price was $14.99. The Amazon price was $11.39. Christian Book Distributors ( ) had the books for $7.99. There was shipping  of $5.95 but  this morning when I got a promotional  email with a code for free shipping.  I like shopping online because I can focus and stick to a shopping list.




2 thoughts on “Thursday, October 24, 2013–Two Gifts–One of Time, One of Memories and Shopping Online Can Save Time and Money

  1. I love reading your blog… staightforward and useful. 🙂

    In canada you can print pictures at walmart straight from facebook… you can just liad them all in an album… mark it as private if you dont want people seeing it… btw.. lovely idea!!! Id love to see pics when its done!

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