IMG_0447The Areas of Focus

This is the last day this month working in The Entry, Front Porch, and Dining Room. Remember, Thanksgiving/Hanukah is coming up a month from today!! What can you do to prepare these areas to celebrate so you won’t be frantic in a month? Tomorrow through Thursday(29th-31st) the focus is on The Family Bath(s). Plan a little work each day so that the bathroom will sparkle by Thursday. Don’t forget to teach your helpers so they can be learning and assuming more and more responsibility as they grow and mature. Do not set an 18 year old loose on the world who has never cleaned a toilet (or learned anything else about caring for a home, finances, a car or life)

The Daily Tasks                

Each Monday

  • Pull your home back together after the weekend
  • Clean all your toilets
  • Check your bathrooms for any needed supplies—personal, paper, and cleaning and add them to your shopping list

Each Tuesday—Duster Dance Day—Draft any little helpers in your home to help you. Grab some fun dusters, and put on some happy music and dance that dust right out of your home.

Each Wednesday

  • Pay your bills—programming your bills into your bank’s Bill Pay may be free, save time, and get your payments to your creditors on time.  I keep track of Direct Deposits and payments in Quicken. My bills are currently paid through November.
  • Take care of any personal and family business—Cards to send? Phone calls to make? Emails or letters to send?
  • File any papers you need in a way that you will be able to locate them, if needed. Don’t clutter your life with papers you will never look at again. Toss them!

Each Thursday—Clean hard floors—wood, laminate, tile, or linoleum.

Each Friday—Wrap up your week—

  • Clean out your car—don’t forget to take in trash and personal belongings each time you arrive home but Friday is the day you give your car some extra TLC.
  • Clean out your purse, backpack, diaper bag, tote, or computer case.  I straighten the contents of my purse regularly but Friday is the day. I make sure everything is in order and I am not carrying a lot of stuff I don’t need.
  • Vacuum the traffic areas in your home.

Saturday is Family Fun Day –whether you work or play together, make it fun. Create memories.

Sunday is the ring on your week that signifies your love relationship with the Lord—take time to worship. Then plan your week with your husband and children. Anticipate the needs of each day ahead of time—for activities, games, concerts. Will food be needed? Special clothes or uniforms? Write it down now and work out the details calmly instead in a last minute panic.

***Make sure you have a centrally located calendar with LARGE blocks to write family activities and appointments on.

Our calendar is on the refrigerator. I use three heavy duty magnetic clips to attach it so it doesn't slowly slide down the fridge.
Our calendar is on the refrigerator. I use three heavy duty magnetic clips to attach it so it doesn’t slowly slide down the fridge.

Down Time

I stay busy. I was tired on Friday. I tried to blog but it just wasn’t coming together. So I declared a pajama day. I did very little all day. I vegged. My hair was combed. My face was clean. My teeth were brushed. My pajamas were presentable. I confess I didn’t make my bed. I baked frozen pizza for dinner. I figure out of 365 days a year making my bed at least 360 of those days isn’t bad. I took a break.

If you have children you can declare a pajama/pizza day every once in a blue moon. If you do it too often it isn’t the fun adventure that it can be as a very occasional day. CAUTION: Use restraint. Don’t use this as an excuse for destroying your home.

Saturday I woke up refreshed. I took a shower, got dressed to the shoes, rearranged my bathroom closet, put the main floor in order, sorted through the mail, baked brownies, made biscuits, and worked on the scrapbook for my Dad’s birthday. In other words, a little down time refreshed me and I was ready to dig in and get going again. Again, down time needs to be the exception rather than the rule or your mess will grow instead of shrink.

Mission: Memory Book

The memory book for my dad’s 85th birthday on November 6th is my main focus for the next week and I hope to have it in the mail no later than the 2nd. My computer is not cooperating so I removed old files and cleaned up the disk. That done, I printed and cropped pictures.

(Cropping pictures removes elements that distract from the subject of the picture by trimming the picture so needless space  and clutter are eliminated and the subject of the picture becomes the focus.)

Then the pictures were sorted by family. Today I will go through the family groups to see what pictures are needed. I will then let each family know what I need from them. Then I will begin to arrange the pictures in the album and then determine how I want to embellish the pages to add color and interest. I hope to include current information on family member birthdates (lots of new babies), anniversaries, addresses and phone numbers. Besides being a memory book, my dad can use this book to pray for the people in the family. It is also a reference book.

  • I have a goal.
  • I have a plan to meet the goal.
  • I have broken the project down into small steps.
  • I have nagged my family mercilessly and thanked them as they responded.
  • I have a deadline.
  • I am being diligent and aware of my schedule this week while I work toward the completion of this goal

Side note—if you can’t see the clutter in your home, take pictures of each room. As I looked at pictures of my home from years ago I could see the piles of papers and other clutter that your eye gets used to in everyday life.

The reason I know how to declutter, organize, and clean is because I was a serious clutter offender, totally disorganized, perpetually late, and well acquainted with mold and mildew. Never be embarrassed around me concerning your mess because mine may have been worse.




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