imageRemember that each Monday’s blog has the Areas of Focus for the week and the tasks for each day.

Do you realize how much you are nagged?

Your house nags you.

  • Your unmade bed nags you
  • Your dirty dishes nag you
  • The chair full of clothes nag you
  • The overflowing trash cans nag you
  • The piles of laundry nag you
  • Stuff on all your surface nag you.

You may seem to have developed a blind eye but if you are living in chaos you feel a sense of dis-ease and so you avoid home—

  • You shop and bring in more stuff
  • You eat out or run out for fast food rather than battle with the mess in your kitchen
  • You buy more clothes so you will have clothes to wear

In other words, your home is not comfortable for you or your family.

You did not get where you are in a day and it will take time to dig out of it but if you take time to make new habits you can save money, and time, and live in a more comfortable home—yours!

IMG_0001Core to the plan I follow:

  • Begin to pick up after yourself.
  • Don’t put things down where they don’t belong “just for now.” That means you will have to come back to that task again. Put them away now.
  • Don’t demand immediately that everyone else in your home do this. Demonstrate first, then gently ask (adults) or direct (children).
  • Establish habits—write them down
    • Make your bed
    • Empty your dishwasher and put dishes directly into it instead of leaving in the sink or on the counter
    • Hang up your clothes including coats, when you take them off. If they are dirty, put them directly into the hamper or laundry
    • When there is a full load of laundry—run it through the washer to the dryer to folded and put away.
    • Gather the trash at bedtime each day—and take it out or put it by the door.

 Wipe out your sinks after you use them. Wipe the faucet and the counter. Your bathrooms will stay clean. I keep a stack of inexpensive white washcloths under the sink and put a fresh one out each morning.


Divide and Conquer

Give each area of your home the focus for one week each month. As they come into order you can add in other rooms you may have in your home. For me I do not go by weeks but by dates.

  • Living Room/Family Room/Den (1st -7th of the month)
  • Kitchen (8th-14th of the month)
  • Master Bedroom, Closet, and En Suite Bathroom (15th – 21st of the month)
  • Front Porch, Foyer (or other entries to your home), and Dining Room (22nd-28th of the month)
  • Family Baths, Powder Room (29th to the end of the month)

Couple your Areas of Focus with daily foci (focuses)

Monday—Clean Your Toilets

Tuesday—Dust (Duster Dance Day)

Wednesday—Paperwork (Desk Day)

Thursday—Clean Your Hard Floors (Floor Day)

Friday—Wrap Up Your Week—

  • Make sure your car(s) are clean,
  • Make sure the bags you carry with you are clean and clutter free (purse, diaper bag, computer bag, totes, backpacks)
  • Vacuum your traffic areas

Saturday—Family Fun Day –Play or Work Together –and make it fun!

Sunday—Worship and Plan Your Week Day—Coordinate appointments and activities with your family—refresh your calendar

IMG_0351Worship—Not Just For Sunday

Worship is “worthship” recognizing the value, the beauty, the transcendence of God. When we live with a constant awareness of God and His everywhere—all-the-time presence, we are able to live a life of worship. We live to glorify Him—to proclaim Him in all we do and say. We work for Him. We play for Him. We speak knowing He knows our words. We know that nothing we do is hidden from His sight. He is the Guest at our table.

If we live with this awareness, how does that affect the way we care for ourselves and our families; the way we speak to and about others; the way we live every aspect of our lives? Does my life honor and glorify God?

All of life is meant to be a celebration of His goodness. All of life is meant to make Him known.

This is not oppressive to me. I am not alone. I am loved. I am created in the image of my Papa.

Live, love, work, and play in His presence today. I dare you!




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