imageRemember, this is the last day with The Family Bathrooms as your focus. Tomorrow, through next Thursday the Area of Focus will be your Living Room/Family Room. .Each Monday’s blog has the Areas of Focus and Daily Tasks for the week.

Years ago I saw that companies and other organizations had policies. I started developing my own policies.

  • I have a policy for the way I handle calls soliciting funds—even when I support the organization or the cause. I do not give out information to someone who calls me. They may not even be the person or organization they claim to be.
  • I never give credit card information to anyone I do not know who calls me.
  • I do not make snap decisions. If it means missing an opportunity, I will miss that opportunity.

Set standards for yourself. Set higher, not lower, standards concerning the way you dress, speak, take care of yourself and others in your life. It does not matter if no one else is doing it, do what is right because it is right and do it right. The standard for today is getting out the door—how do you plan and accomplish getting out the door in order to get what you need to do done.

Getting Out the Door

What is your standard for getting out the door? Think about it. Whether taking a short or long trip, working or volunteering outside the home, or just heading out the door for groceries, errands, or activities, do you have a standard for how you leave your home?

It is so nice to come home to a home that looks and smells clean and welcoming. It is so nice when emergencies or opportunities happen while you are out and around, to be free to respond because everything is in order at home. I remember when I would run into a friend and I would have to try to figure out if I had time to take care of things left undone at home if I took time for lunch or coffee. I am free now to enjoy the opportunities that open up in my day.

When I write appointments and activities in my planner I put down two times—the time the activity begins and when I need to leave the house so I can arrive on time.

My planner
My planner

For example:

Bible Study—10:00 [9:30]

Dentist—8:00  [7:50]

Allow yourself time to arrive on time or early. Allow yourself time to talk with other people. If you schedule yourself so tightly that you breeze in 5 to 15 minutes late and leave as quickly as you can—you are not allowing yourself time to get to know other people.

  • Plan
  • Slow down
  • Enjoy the people you meet and the things you do in the course of each day. Life does not begin sometime in the future. Life is now.

Allow time in the morning to put things in order. Begin the night before by laying out clothes and doing anything you can to make your morning move more easily—set the table for breakfast, do a before bedtime walk through putting everything in order in your home before bedtime.

When you have children at home—remember, inspect don’t expect. That is in line with Ronald Reagan’s “Trust but verify.”

Obviously, the length of a trip makes a difference. The longer the time away from home, the more preparation required.

If the time away from home is long, the fridge will need some attention.

Share any foods that will go out of date with friends or family before you leave. Place fresh meats and other things that will spoil and can be frozen  into the freezer.

If you are the only one traveling and you are leaving family at home, make sure you coordinate any responsibilities you normally take care of. Meals, rides, laundry—who is going to do it? Do they know how to cook, or do laundry—(translate: use the washer and dryer without destroying them or the clothes)? Are the things they will need in place for them? Talk to each person and make sure they know what they are to do.

My basics, whether out of the house for the day or a month, are:

  • Beds made
  • Dishes done
  • House in good general order
  • Also, is your plan for dinner if you are out of the house for a day? Is there anything you can start in the morning like making a salad, or starting dinner in a crock  pot?

If I am out of our home for more than a day:

  • Laundry done
  • Trash out of the house

We are headed out the door in 3 hours for an overnight trip.

This is what I have done and will do:

First, I put my upstairs in order—checked each room to make sure everything is put away and in order,

and started a load of clothes.

Then, the main floor—also in order, dishwasher started, everything put away.

Now, quiet time and blogging.

Then, I want to leave my scrapbook project ready for me to complete when I get home.

Finally, after a shower and packing, we plan to be out the door by 9:00 so we can have lunch with my sweetie’s brothers in his hometown at noon.

Welcome Home!
Welcome Home!

Plan your work, work your plan. And allow time for fun!




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