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An Eight Week Plan for the Holidays

Eight Weeks—  November 5th-9th

  • Decorate for Thanksgiving
  • Review and fill in gift list.
  • Review menus for thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Make shopping list—add a few items to your grocery list each week
  • Purchase Christmas cards and stamps
  • Check gift wrap center and purchase needed items

Seven Weeks—November 11th-18th

  • Shop for gifts (Spread over a couple of trips, over a couple of weeks)
  • Write Christmas letter/begin to address cards
  • Wrap gifts

Six weeks—November 12th-19th

  • Shop for remaining gifts
  • Wrap gifts
  • Address remaining cards
  • Review your planner to put activities and traditions on your calendar

Five Weeks-November 20th– 27th

  • Finish wrapping gifts
  • Review Thanksgiving menu and buy remaining groceries for Thanksgiving

Four weeks-

  • Thanksgiving November 28th
  • Begin to decorate for Christmas after Thanksgiving November 29th – December 3rd

Three weeks- December 4th-10th

  • Mail cards and packages

Two weeks—December 11th-17th

  • Bake cookies
  • Put your home in order for Christmas

One week- December 18th-24th

  • Prepare some food items in advance
  • Deliver gifts
  • Maintain, Maintain, maintain

Christmas Eve and Christmas day- December 24th and 25th

  • Celebrate
  • Attend church for Christmas day or Christmas Eve services

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